New report details sexual harassment of Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen

In an ABC News exclusive interview, the family of Vanessa Guillen said that justice still has not been served and that the new report confirmed leaders failed to protect Guillen.
6:33 | 05/03/21

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Transcript for New report details sexual harassment of Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen
And the family of army specialist Vanessa Guillen is reacting to a new report on the investigation into her sexual harassment at Fort Hood. In an ABC news exclusive for families says justice has still not been searched. And that this report just adds insult to injury confirming that leaders failed to protect a NASA Stephanie Ramos has more. This morning in an exclusive interview with ABC news the family of specialist Vanessa. As her family said. All law. What was your initial reaction to that report. In San album. A year or a year the need. Sifted. We were saying the troops in the Duma to choose from an inning. And nearly 300 page report says leaders in. Bruno one house. Been truly hello panel or. The report also says two soldiers from reported the harassment to the NASA's unit leadership who failed to initiate an investigation. He yen describing the soldier who harass church as disgusting and a creek. The army in this report leaning into the facts that they failed to act when Vanessa reported being harassed. Reported it. She regrets her saw her. A yeah. Alan fiercely didn't want one service members including those senior officers. Within her TE being disciplined or reprimanded. Do you think that's enough for a rate now every radios or is she covering not. Me you try to senator Ron army investigators say the harassment had no link to. 22 of last year the report detailing how when investigators closed in on Robinson last June. Poor communication. By military criminal investigators wink enlisted soldiers. Enables Robinson to escape their cause city she later died by suicide. I mean this is out of my house is being currently asking why this is an army. Wit which kinds. Are rewarding work the army however saying that while Robinson did harm ask a different shall jerk. They found no credible evidence to conclude he had harassed yen or had any relationship with her outside of work. The family now fighting to pass a bill in congress to change procedures relating to sexual harassment and assault in the military. All in Vanessa is named. How should we remember Vanessa she's no hero to us where boy baseless. And those are scared. When yeah. Sure that she just doesn't own me. There's going to be any. And Stephanie Ramos. Joins us live now with more on this stuff I know you've been following this story for months now it is now 300 page report filed that did in name. Any supervisors. At what is your brother calls that we've heard from the family for the army to investigate. Finessed his disappearance because they said that. Was delayed after she disappeared now they're they've been asking for this report now it comes out but they're not naming names so. How does this all play out. So Diane yeah. Yes the report had a a lot of reductions and that it didn't sit well with the family they're still really upset about this as you can imagine. You know they're still asking those questions as hope with Mira. The family attorney and they're still asking how does a young soldier. Stations had an installation of a military installation of the largest in the country Siegel mrs. day is marked a wall. Which stands for absent without leave basically when a soldier leaves the base without permission. And then months later shows up murdered at the hands of a fellow soldier these are still questions that they would. They are asking and they haven't received answers do they say this report. Confirms that that gas Vanessa was sexually harassed as they have been saying from the very beginning and it also confirms and that. The leadership there and failed to protect her so how does this all play album there are still waiting for those answers. And they're pushing that I am Vanessa Guillen bill hoping that it passes in congress so that they can make some changes. To some of the policies and procedures that have been in place in the army. For decades. And and Stephanie we know we heard from her sister they're saying that. No justice has been served in in Manassas casing on the suspect in her murder. His now dead so there's going to be no more avenues to pursue it to him directly so what. What do you think it will take for the Stanley did feel that justice has been served here. While from. Speaking from speaking to that it sounds like it once this bill is passed if it's passed that would give them some sort of relieve some sort of justice and as you heard from -- there is it'll fatal. Leave them knowing it dads. Vanessa did not die in vain and making those changes to the military in the in the military boarding process and that's. So really this doesn't happen to another soldier they say this and it never happened to the NASA they're absolutely right. Listen it never happened so soldier on a military base. And right now it seems as though this is the last report. From the army having to do with but now says. Case there but there's still an ongoing FBI investigation of course at criminal case. Against robinsons of a girlfriend who allegedly helped him. I dispose of key entry made so the family is still fighting they're still hurting. You know I ask Mira. Powell. How are you feeling more than a year. After Manassas dad and she was emotional as she says she thinks about Vanessa every single day but what keeps her motivated keeps search. Pushing and then moving forward and waking up every day is knowing that there's this bill that could save someone else's life in the military. Stephanie Ramos thanks for staying on this one. We appreciate it.

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{"duration":"6:33","description":"In an ABC News exclusive interview, the family of Vanessa Guillen said that justice still has not been served and that the new report confirmed leaders failed to protect Guillen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77464094","title":"New report details sexual harassment of Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen","url":"/US/video/report-details-sexual-harassment-army-spc-vanessa-guillen-77464094"}