Republican at center of North Carolina's voter fraud case calls for new election

Congressional candidate Mark Harris testified on Thursday that his son had been "prophetic" in his warning about political operative McCrae Dowless.
6:24 | 02/21/19

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Transcript for Republican at center of North Carolina's voter fraud case calls for new election
Some breaking news out of North Carolina we've been talking about it. All week it's the only outstanding race from the 2018 mid term campaign. That he's still undecided and it's been wrapped up in controversy over allegations of voter fraud the Republican their Mark Harris. Won the race by 900 votes then these allegations came out the board of elections are North Carolina has been investigating Johnny you have been on the case from the beginning. Today a blockbuster headline just breaking moments ago we could have a new election. It's hard to understate how many just how many bombshells we've seen in the last three days. Yesterday you had Mark Harris a son come out and basically say look I warn my mouth pierce is the Republicans and the Mark Harris a Republican correctional candidate in English and exactly his own son came out yesterday and said look I warn my dented that there can be some legal activity. Nash had Mark Harris cannot say basically say look you know I I heard what my son was saying but I just society go forward. And then this unbelievable revelation of Mark Harris. Just last month had two strokes. And it has struggled with memory recall and now he is calling for a new election in north from analog to digital and lustig a listen to mark here here's a picture Mark Harris. The man who was in the hot seat today the man at the center of the controversy he says. He didn't know anything of the alleged fraud that took place but just moments ago he said he's heard enough and now thinks there needs to be an election let's listen to him. In Iran or any of the leadership of my campaign. Were where or condoned. Improper activities that have been testified to in this hearing. Through the testimony I've listened to over the past three days. I believe in the election should be call it's become clear to me. That the public's confidence in my district C general election has been undermined to an extent. That a new election. Christian. Arts and there was mark happen Harris a Republican in the ninth district of North Carolina. Saying he wants to have another election let's go now to North Carolina were our friend joining Kaplan political reporter at ABC affiliate WT VD. Has been covering this all on just came out of the hearing I Joan I give us your big take away how significant. Was this news from Mark Harris. Well I think everyone is shell shocked I think for the past several weeks me dating back to Election Day the party line. From Mark Harris all the way up to. North Carolina GOP Republican leadership has always been certify the race even if there was fraud. It was not enough to TP entire election there more than 200000 people that voted down there so even if he took out all of these absentee ballots that were affected. Mark Harris still should've won the fact that he went up there today Mark Harris who again for weeks for months have been so confident saying. And we're gonna certify this race I'm gonna go to Washington for him to come out today and say. A new election would help restore voter confidence. It it's just the latest bombshell in four days of a dramatic political thriller. And there are some pretty significant Mary Alice national implications here Democrats let's remember in the mid term campaign. 1 AM Hughes increasing their majority in the in the United States house. This is a seat that had been a longtime Republican seat. Now it's up for grabs again what what's under the they take away on the big picture. Look big picture of the American people have been missed trusting distrustful. Skeptical of elections more and more on the trends is to wonder if there's prop wonder there's cheating. And and questioned the process and wait we haven't seen before in this country and this is a kind of case against American voters who are skeptical the process reason and he's now in its. Ironic that Republicans have typically been the ones to sort of sounding alarms about allegations of fraud and here in this case. Right they're making Republicans and made claims that people vote that shouldn't be able to vote and old are registered or that aren't even citizens here rehab Republican candidates paying a consultant. To stuff ballots to bring in ballots capable for ballots fill out ballots for people as a very classic case of sheet and android analyses to be admitting that and the and the consequences gets you can Americans feel confident in their electoral system. And what should the ramifications Meehan punishment be for this level of fraud. Enjoy Kaplan what are the mechanics for actually holding another election and does this seal the deal does Mark Harris calling for one. Basically make it simpler foregone conclusion that we're now going to have a new election in the ninth district. Well eight Emmys certainly throws the weight all behind that if there was any doubt before. Is it seems like the board of elections was made up of three Democrats into Republicans. Almost certainly ratify that and make it official. Previously he would meet it would go right to a general election but interestingly. In a bit of a foreshadow. Late last year. Republicans in the state general assembly the state legislature passed a bill saying if there is going to be a new election there has to be a new primary first. Giving Republicans an opportunity to get a new candidate in there should this have gone. It's unclear at this point member Mark Harris in his announcement today not saying he wouldn't run for re election. Or run for election but rather he just supports a new election. And by the way North Carolina now has two open seats in a completely unrelated case we just had the passing of Walter Jones so now we have. More than a half million north Carolinians one point forty the exact without any representation in Washington DC. Mount Jones it's incredible John Caplan so great to have you with us again for a second day in a row terrific reporting appreciate your debut. I TVD in that North Carolina thank you so much and Johnny. I just remind esque as you've been studying the nuances and this is anyone gonna be crumbling. Liable for it for this behavior in this disorder can rights and that's a different question and demand kind of at the center who's allegedly behind this entire rehearsing. Could very well face criminal charges there is an investigation in the wake county district a district attorney's office. And he's right at the center that in of that of that investigation and so. This is ongoing in and out of which Iran thank you. It definitely is a thing that's normally done in this country we not only get reduced in elections and is finally slammed the door to millennium loan write him fastening joining think so much you gotta get back to that the hearing is still under way we'll get back to that Al later as well.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"Congressional candidate Mark Harris testified on Thursday that his son had been \"prophetic\" in his warning about political operative McCrae Dowless.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61221933","title":"Republican at center of North Carolina's voter fraud case calls for new election","url":"/US/video/republican-center-north-carolinas-voter-fraud-case-calls-61221933"}