The Rundown: Top headlines today: April 12, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
4:17 | 04/13/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: April 12, 2021
From from. From there. Brooklyn center police releasing this body camera video when police say officer intended to use a taser me and instead accidentally shot her gun killings one year old Dante right there was a struggle and is right tries to get into the car the officer can be heard yelling in the eastern taser. Let me keep families in the officer fired her gun and he and the officer and heard zany changing shot him. This appears to meetings. From what I view and the opposite reaction and distressed immediately after. There's an accidental discharge meanwhile overnight protesters took to the streets all this just miles away from the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Darren chilled and for the death and George flowing from the judge says the jury will not be sequestered in light of the traffic stop death. Witnesses today included the loan is Floyd George's brother. So let. Or you. He qualities. Make sure they we head close school the militias. We all we're going to be gone to school time. Yeah. It's the traffic stop seeing millions of times on social media remember back in December US army second lieutenant colonel on this are behind the wheel as you heard just suvs still dressed in his army fatigues and a police say they pulled them over because his vehicle was missing a rear license plate for the moment as you see right here and it had a temporary license plate displayed in the back on line at the according to get out cannot yeah. When he refuses to leave the car really officer who got fired powerful sound that can't or don't. Why can't. According to lieutenant when they get him out of the car they beat him to the ground he was released with no charges. And is now suing the police and federal court Windsor police announced that officer Joseph Gutierrez has been fired and prosecutors filed a criminal charges today against former Kansas City chief assistant coach Britt Reid. The drunk driving crash that severely injured a five year old girl officials released the booking photo late this afternoon. He's expected to be released a 100000 dollar bail. Reid told police he had two or three drinks and had taken lateral before the crash. The crash happened three days before the Super Bowl wade is the son of chief's head coach Andy Reid. Another massive eruption today from a volcano on the island of saint Vincent's. That eruption was the biggest wanna yes and sent solidified lava flowing down the mountain. The volcano first erupted last Friday in much of the island has been covered with toxic ash. Evacuations continued today with at least three cruise ships serving his emergency shelters can have a good news is that there had been no injuries or deaths to report. He chairs the waivers from the murder values rock band and has all infrastructure. A global shortage of those chance to get pandemic related supply chain disruptions she is causing major issues for the production of computers cell phones and video gaming systems support in General Motors cutting production at plants in North America upon as a manufacturing is raising big concerns about inventories and a potential surge in car prices only 12% of global chip manufacturing happens here in the US president items 2.3 trillion dollar infrastructure plan calls for at six. Billion dollar investment in semiconductor manufacturing and research. Tributes to the late Prince Philip continue to come in live. It was a very special person who it's I think above all else would have been amazed. By the reaction. Prince William this morning releasing a touching tribute to his grandfather describing the joy and sense of adventure he shed with his great grandchildren. Including a sweet things were so that would. It's George. William rising and I will miss my grandpa. But I know he wouldn't want us to get on with the job not a Prince Harry who's been in the US with wife Megan and paying tribute to senate and hits and statements at a loss to of the barbecue legend the general and cheeky right Soviet.

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