The Rundown: Top headlines today: July 15, 2020

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
3:36 | 07/16/20

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: July 15, 2020
I. The corona virus outbreak now on the rise with 41 states reporting it increasing Casey's. The governor of one of those testing positive Oklahoma's Kevin stared he's isolating and home you'll be flying in Alabama governor KID issue demanding face masks have to be worn in public starting tomorrow. Saying new cases are high in icu beds or nearly full statewide and repairs Obama more restrictive actions and we couldn't. Such is closing things bag and I am yeah. But I don't want to go by analysts say absolutely no options are vital. The world's biggest retailer says starting Monday anyone who goes annual Wal-Mart or Sam's clubs will be required to Wear a mask. But it doesn't appear mass will be required to visit the statue of liberty Warren Ellis islands the National Park Service announcing today and fees reopening a bowl beginning Monday. Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is out of the hospital tonight. 87 year old justice is now home less than 48 hours after she was submitted for possible infection from possible. She's only doing well tonight. A gruesome murder in new York city police searching for the killer of an turned entrepreneur or inside his luxury Manhattan on notice. What it ain't very hard screening and very loud noises. It happened to 33 year old man who murdered and dismembered in his own apartment in the limbs and head. Stuff didn't backs in his living room police sources say there is video of the victim tech entrepreneur or. To win his killer and a man living rooms sources say it appeared the killer worked hard to remember is tracks but perhaps what's in Iraq. We're got spooked before he can. We can't police now identifying the victim as linings allay. CEO of number Honolulu all right Sherry start. An extraordinary move Asheville, North Carolina City Council last apologizing for this city's historic roles in slavery and discrimination. Alluding to give reparations that women and their descendants. This is certainly not an. Little rooster cheese. But instead of direct payments unanimously passed resolution looming investments in areas where black residents face despair news. An outcry in Viacom cutting business ties over nick cannon's controversial comments. Celebrities and former co workers are rallying behind the star Didier showings important Dwyane Wade to and his former co stars of the Viacom own show wild and now call expressing support for what he's an honest podcast. Canon's class. He's accused of perpetuating an anti Semitic conspiracy theories the Rothschild centralized namely the blood line. That controlled everything and outside of American. Taking essential medium lending to explain stay anyone who knows me knows that I have no pain in my heart abnormality contention. And again it stopped short of apologizing to him instead saying. I hold myself accountable for this moment and take full responsibility. Think in the stallions at the record straight over reports of looting the shots DMZ first reported on Sunday police Bloomberg Tory lanes arresting him on gun charges Megan was in the passenger seat. The head (%expletive) just in super reigning world I suffered gunshot wounds as a result a little crime that was committed against me and done with the intention of physically harm me. She went on to explain at least rover to the hospital for surgery Hoover she says she'll make a full recovery. 125 year old went on call it what a blessing in disguise. All.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71810872","title":"The Rundown: Top headlines today: July 15, 2020","url":"/US/video/rundown-top-headlines-today-july-15-2020-71810872"}