The Rundown: Top headlines today: Sept. 4, 2020

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
3:55 | 09/05/20

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: Sept. 4, 2020
Number one in the room. Can sat there and wants to kill springtime color. Now wasn't gonna do that the prime suspect in the death of the trust supporter in the Portland Oregon has been killed by federal agents and investigators say they found Michael right now at home in Lacey Washington. Where he allegedly pulled out a gun believed rotting agents who opened fire. Federal agents said that he tracked. Please that he pulled a gun on that's why they had to open fire and as a result Michael Reynolds who was killed now all of this from. Rash and some tension in this city you have the weekend -- it was already supposed to be explosive with BO NN chief activist going head to head with white nationalist and pro trump groups here in Rochester New York protesters confronted police overnight hours after seven police officers were suspended for the death of a black man he. New York City last night hard drive through crowd black knights matter for. Times Square new serious injuries reported. Henin can't speech meant to address the US economy. Former vice president Joseph Knight in starting his dad what the pirates knocked into explosive new allegations in Atlantic magazine. In the report alleging the presidential front repeatedly disparaged in the US soldiers killed and injured in combat or died in referring to his late I don't know who died from cancer and the served in the military it wasn't a sock. Servicemen and women he's aren't winning. Jay Leno did not come home. We're not only goes yeah. The daily reports sites for anonymous people with firsthand knowledge of the allegations and ABC news has not independently confirm any of the details the president in his campaign outraged Spitzer thing sorry yeah escalation. Good topic likely to continue to be part of the discussion on the campaign trail just two months until Election Day eligible voters in North Carolina. At first in the nation to be getting absentee ballot for a reminder that the political season kicks into high gear after Labor Day weekend we'll just hours after the August jobs report Friday night and on the attack. The Labor Department have a new jobs report for August changes in the US economy created about one point four million jobs last month when the unemployment rate dropping from just over 10% to 208 and a half and. We got substantially below 2% in I don't want ratings now eighteen point 4% and might call oh win. We still remember that Germany Americans were still unemployed are fairly early in the year we lost some twenty million jobless blistering mark and clean and as we are now on the leaders and emulating me still happening back. More than eleven million jobs just to get us. We weren't anymore. Two of soccer's highest profile nations have closed the gender pay gap in their national teams and Brazil England saying they are now paying their women's team in the same amount of money as a men's team that's in contrast to the US soccer federation the US women's national team Santa federation alleging gender discrimination in pay and working conditions on evil hate links here dismiss it may have a trial involving the working conditions and alleged allegations that won't happen until next. Jeopardy is announced its fall premiere date season 37 will premiere in syndication on Monday September 14 that it longtime host Alex your back says he's feeling good. Feeling excited and glad to finally be getting out of the house and the recently crowned the greatest contestant of all time Ken Jennings will be joining the show as a consulting producer Peter Jennings who's still holds the record for the show's longest winning streak troubles services shows general ambassador behind the scenes as well as presenting his own special video categories and upcoming episodes. And.

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