Search intensifies for missing Colorado mom

New clues could help locate missing 29-year-old Kelsey Berreth.
3:20 | 12/11/18

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Transcript for Search intensifies for missing Colorado mom
IRA so now on my want to move on to the search for Kelsey Barrett in Colorado this search is intensifying. If you don't know she was she is a young mom. Up Hialeah and she completely vanished on Thanksgiving Day. So I wanna go into cleansing and dale who's in Denver with the updates clean are you there. They can be you know it's been nineteen days since Kelsey Veras went missing from her to hometown here in woodland park. Colorado it's a town of about 101000 people are so just west of Colorado Springs up here in the mountains and we're now certainly learn a little bit more about the timeline. Kelsey birth was last seen as you mentioned on Thanksgiving Day just on the road here at a Safeway supermarket police say they have surveillance video showing her in that supermarket wit her young daughter one year old daughter. Shopping that day on Thanksgiving. But that is the last confirmed sighting of her. They have spoken with her fiance. Patrick Tracy who says that that is the last day he saw her when she. When he picked up their daughter they were engaged they are engaged but are not living together. He took. Custody of their their child that day and he's as at the last time you SARS event. Police now say a couple of other things happened. A few days later on November 25 first of all Patrick phrasing the fiance says that that is the last time he got a text message from Kelsey. Coincidentally there was a another mysterious text message sent from her phone. Jude the flight school down in Pueblo Colorado where she worked as a pilot in that text message. She or somebody using her phone said that Kelsey was going to be missing the next week of work. So then. Police also tell us that later that day in the afternoon around 5 PM that. Her cell phone. Paying they registered a ping detective herself on 700 miles away from here in the state of Idaho so. All sorts of clues getting a little bit better idea of the time line but still no sign of Kelsey right now they say her fiance is. Cooperating. But for now this remains a missing persons case. Wow so hurt her mother also spoke out and she said that you know her just up and leaving in disappearing is very unlike her so what else do we know about Kelsey. Yeah I Kelsey sees Tony nine years old she's a pilot she has this young daughter. By all accounts her mother dispensers being very responsible this is just not the kind of behavior that that's you would expect from her. Chelsea's mom is actually from Idaho and so there was speculation perhaps that may be Kelsey was headed that way to see family any or Idaho or Washington State. Right now that is all speculation but we do know that the FBI and local police. Have Ben a involved in this case both here in Colorado and in other places including Idaho where they went to a small airport. Trying to find any sign that perhaps she had flown through there and a small plane. But the police chief told us yesterday there are no aircraft that are missing there's no sign that Kelsey actually took a plane and flew anywhere so it's a real mystery here Kim. Well we're we're just hoping for the best clay and I appreciate the update.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"New clues could help locate missing 29-year-old Kelsey Berreth.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59751677","title":"Search intensifies for missing Colorado mom","url":"/US/video/search-intensifies-missing-colorado-mom-59751677"}