Sen. Bernie Sanders on the inauguration

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders shares his thoughts on the presidential inauguration.
4:36 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for Sen. Bernie Sanders on the inauguration
We're joined now by senator Bernie Sanders of course he ran for president against Joseph Biden the last campaign. Now serving in the senate became one of his most loyal campaign years after losing. The nomination senator Sanders your thoughts on this inauguration day. Well I thought president Barden and a very good job. And striking the right themes. And George I think one of the main points that he made. Here's that our country today. Faces a series of crises. That are unprecedented. Maybe since the civil war we got a pandemic your credit economic meltdown. Are you got millions of people who have no health insurance. Drug and educational system which has been disrupted because of the pandemic. Way up nestled levels of the commonwealth and equality got climate change. Bottom line it's. That if we're going to restore faith. In the American people's belief and our government we are gonna have to act. And act boldly. And do it in a very rapid work up to show the world. We can walk into bull welcome good to more than once they get the same time because people all hurting. Families are going hungry people worried about being depicted. People are worried about being able to afford to go to the doctor we've got to respond to that thing. You said act boldly said last year the president invited to be the most progressive president since FDR. Is that possible in a 5050 senate absolutely it is it's possible. First of all we hope that all Republican colleagues. Understand the kind of pain and desperation that is out there and work with us to respond. Well to not desperately see any indication of that. It's too early to tell while I certainly hope that it will happen but second the ball there -- schools. That we house the president has executive orders. All of which can make a significant impact on the lives of people. And second the ball and I say this is the incoming chairman of the Budget Committee we have a process as you know pulled budget reconciliation. And that auction process for a number of issues not all. All requires only fifty votes a plus the vice president so there is a lot that we can do. Through budget reconciliation. And I intend to the work you think I can ought to make that happen. You simplified a well I'm not getting into the terror reconciliation to basically the bread the vice the president has a choice you can choose to go route where he tries to pass something. With fifty votes plus 10 we tries to get. For the Republican bipartisan buy in on the big plans he seems to indicate. That he wants to try that bipartisan approach. Which it really is at odds are at least in tension with what you're talking about. Well yes and no I have no problem with reaching out to Republicans I would prefer to do without right. But if we hear very early on the Republicans do not want a car that way that meets the needs of working people. In this country or the middle class sorry we're gonna do it alone. All of the truth is all of the batter. Here is that Republicans used budget reconciliation over the years. To provide massive tax breaks to the rich to try to repeal the Affordable Care Act. We're gonna use it to protect the working families. And the middle class of this country are give you one example. We have a minimum wage here in Washington national minimum wage of seven dollars and 25 cents an hour. That's a stall big shin wage yuck tens of millions of people. Working for starvation wages we got to raise the minimum wage to at least fifteen bucks an hour we can do that through reconciliation. And I intend to do my best to make that happen. And then senator do you do you think you can get this Diana Derosa pursuing the senate trial of president trumpet how quickly will that. I happen how quickly can he get done. Well George just what I meant what I said we got walking showed the American people we come walk and chew bubble gone with the same thought yes but it we have got to impeach. Trump we cannot have a president. Who incite insurrection against the gulf of that news want to defend. We got to do that but at the same time you can't spend weeks and months of moves it quickly. Confirm Biden's nominees quickly and then let us simultaneously. Address the terrible. Health and economic crises facing the structure we got to move. Very aggressively to make sure that. Vaccines that we need or produce. That they are distributed and that they are in people's almost as quickly as possible we get the great joy of duty to raise the minimum wage. We need to do so many things we've got to do it immediately as quickly as we possibly can senator senator thanks for your time today effective.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders shares his thoughts on the presidential inauguration. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75382197","title":"Sen. Bernie Sanders on the inauguration","url":"/US/video/sen-bernie-sanders-inauguration-75382197"}