Sen. Roy Blunt on the inauguration

Chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, Sen. Roy Blunt comments on the inauguration ceremony.
6:22 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for Sen. Roy Blunt on the inauguration
We're senator Roy Blunt joins us now he was responsible for helping organize these inaugural events say senator thank you for joining us. Seemed to go off without a hedge. Well it did George and there are plenty of the plane curbs along the way we had a great staff great staff great outside partners our security partners. Of the Architect of the Capitol on his team. But I think there was a great sense. Most importantly shared by the president elect now president Biden that we be outside that we do this. We're people expected to see it done and there's going to be dramatically different because of covad. As it turned out it helped dramatically different because the events of two weeks ago as well but it was done and and I think people. As they watched it all over the world. Assault that the American democracy that can be fragile moments but it's resilient and tough. And weird we get there and we do things were we intend to do them and when we attend. To do them. The president said in his inaugural address to our democracy was tested but our democracy prevailed. For what's that what struck out to you. In the in his inaugural address what are you gonna hang onto. You know I think generally just the tone that Joseph Biden has always bought brought to relationships. He knows a lot of people. In the congress well that was largely today congressional crowd he had the members of the current congress the second biggest group. I was the was retired members who also all got a couple tickets if they chose to use them. And so there was a connectedness they're that you would almost never see we. Didn't have the launch that we normally have at launch because of cope and we didn't have that once we normally have right after the inauguration. But when I was talking to the vice president and the president and First Lady and a second gentlemen I said you know. One thing that is designed to do. Is to begin to build relationships but in this case. President Biden spent about forty years building. Relationships and understanding and out. This process worked and and I think he gave plenty of indications of that today and he also clearly understands. That if we all agreed on everything there'd be no reason to have elections are congress and I think he's eager to work together I hope so because. There are things that we can do together and her things that we will will disagree on but I was a good start what are the things you can do together. Well you know we canoes certainly we can learn are what learn what we learned from the pandemic can move forward with that. Look at night at a July hearing on this where I. Asked the administration including the CDC. What do you need what your plan what your distribution plan surely we don't have to wait. Until we have a vaccine to have a plan and I think. Though the relationship may be between this. The federal government and the states in that situation didn't work as well as it could. But anyway you cut it we are a couple years ahead of where anybody would have thought we would be. On the vaccine what we learn from that what we learned about the broad band needs of the country when cancer. Many kids have been virtually at school for a long time of people for the first time got the benefits of some tell help that they. Weren't able to get before that's something we take out of that. Clearly. Infrastructure and so the great white whale looked really the last eight years we were always gonna find. Way to move forward on infrastructure but if you're going to build an economy. Of one of our great advantages of the countries where we're located and infrastructure is what. That's all of that together I think there are plenty of things to work together on actual find plenty of things we disagree on. But that's what this process is all about. And and I I think the the president and the vice president both have every reason to understand. That's how this works I thought he got off to a good start today I thought frankly asking. The former presidents to go with them to to Arlington wasn't a great moment. Just like it was great to have President Bush vice president pence and vice president Quayle. I hear today is we would hope they would be so was it a mistake for president trump not to attend. I think it was I think it was a personal stake on his part. But. Everybody gets to make those decisions in his first time in a 152 years the president and could be here for the inauguration. Wasn't here. But. I think we've moved right through that I think if it would've been a bigger problem. If vice president pence hadn't chosen to. To be here and you know he he understood the importance of the the moment the location just liked. Two weeks ago he understood how important is we get back into the senate chamber that day. And he and served called return are worth three of the principals. In finishing the work of the electoral count vice president understood. We need to get back and there we need to do it here we're not gonna we don't want to leave the capital. And we're gonna let the whole world see our work done where it should be done and here today the whole world. And tens of millions of people and in the country and out of the country. Watched as other people watch it over the next 44 hours I looked at my phone. Just before I got on with you and I during the event somebody texted me from. A Cairo we're watching live in Cairo right now so this is an important moment for us to project who we are. Why we are who we are and who we hope. To be a majority of your colleagues your senate colleagues also believe that the president should be held accountable. In some serious way. For the events of the last two weeks ago at the capitol and even heard your senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell say that the president clearly provoked. That mom do you agree with that and do you think he should be held accountable. Well we'll we'll see I mean I think you're held accountable for your actions whether it's impeachment is a proper accountability for somebody who's less salt left office are not. I've been 100% focused on the inauguration for. The last ten days or so and I'm going to begin to think about what comes up after this. Later this afternoon senator blunt thanks for times have connect thank you.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"Chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, Sen. Roy Blunt comments on the inauguration ceremony.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75384159","title":"Sen. Roy Blunt on the inauguration ","url":"/US/video/sen-roy-blunt-inauguration-75384159"}