Service today in Phoenix honoring McCain

Former Vice President Joe Biden to speak at Sen. John McCain's memorial service in Phoenix.
3:10 | 08/30/18

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Transcript for Service today in Phoenix honoring McCain
And we begin today with the country's farewell to Senator John McCain this morning a memorial service. We'll be held ahead of services at the US capitol. And national cathedral later this week Kaymer and is in Phoenix forests and Terry I know there was a service for him at the Arizona. Capital last night and the images were just heart wrenching to see his family at his casket. It really was Diane and who an image from late last night some of John McCain's children. Greeting at 830 in the in the night. A few of the thousands 151000. People who filed past waited in line for hours and file path to pay their respects. To John McCain today as you mentioned here. Can already see. The mourners filing into the north Phoenix Baptist Church this is the church McCain and the work that for 25 years that's where his. Younger children were baptized and that's where thousands of people gather. But to say a final Arizona farewell to John McCain it's a service that he planned as he planned this whole week so carefully. To mix both in his personal life is like here in Arizona. And his life on the national stage one of the readings here will be delivered. By his daughter Bridget. Who he and his wife Cindy adopted from Bangladesh and among that you adjust. The great wide receiver Larry FitzGerald one of John McCain's favorite players on his beloved Arizona Cardinals. And also on the Washington side of life a political opponent clashed with for decades really Joseph Biden who lost it with a dear friend that will be. In similar to highlight it and for the country this memorial service. John McCain planned the whole series of events this week over the last month it's like almost as it was a final campaign. And a final message to the American people that. Patriotism can transcend political differences and that public service is honorable those values that he lived his life. Yet there is so sad to lose him but interesting of how he got to put his stamp. On exactly how the country says goodbye to him what are we know about these services coming up later on in the week as well. Well today John McCain will leave. Arizona for the last time he'll be flown two on a military plane the president trump is authorized. To Washington DC where he will process to the rotunda of the United States capitol there will be a service. There tomorrow he'll lie in state and people in Washington people from around the country. Can pay their respects there and then the final national goodbye. John McCain celebration and memorial it is like at the national cathedral on Saturday his two. Hand picked eulogized there. Former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama two men. Who defeated him. In his races for the presidency. Nevertheless who. We're close to him once again sending a signal about the kind of politics that he believed in that he lived that he thinks America can continue to live. Right that's very ran force in Phoenix Arizona and we will have full coverage. Of that service to John McCain today at 1 PM eastern time right here on ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Former Vice President Joe Biden to speak at Sen. John McCain's memorial service in Phoenix. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57501561","title":"Service today in Phoenix honoring McCain","url":"/US/video/service-today-phoenix-honoring-mccain-57501561"}