Actic blast brings coldest air to U.S. in decades

Over half the U.S. faces high wind alerts, winter storm warnings and advisories amid frigid conditions.
1:42 | 01/28/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Actic blast brings coldest air to U.S. in decades
Let's get the latest on the forecast of the polar vortex movie east from our Sam Champion his him. I did and here's the weather that we're watching during the day today so we're talking about a brutal Arctic outbreak through the country and there's going to be snow involved an ice involved in brain involved. And this is a good part of the country let's just get right to it will surely wouldn't when expecting. You'll notice we got some pictures coming out of North Dakota this is a lot of blowing snow it's a very fine powdery snow because the air so dry. You've got other shots people showing you some cars off the road this is all remind you. This is recently it has nothing do with our next couple of days of what it's going to be like and the reason I want people to see this as in the deep south. We've got a pocket it's now underneath those watches and warnings that are covering more than half the country. Of accumulating snow into the deep south and it's just something that is gonna cause a lot of trouble all the way from Jackson Mississippi into Atlanta. The big snowfall totals will be around New England also be a higher elevations. Northern New England but look right around the Great Lakes where it's more than a foot of snow there but the one to three inches is gonna cost more of it more of a problem because people just aren't used to getting these areas. The big headline will not be with balls but what comes after the snow look at these cold temperatures Tuesday but can we doubled down with it on Wednesday. These are. Wind chills and actual temperatures that have not been felt in some of these areas since the nineties. So about one thing I want to shape before we go back avenue just how cold it areas. This is in Minnesota so far this is just that edge of the coldest air watch this little soap bubble. Hard freeze and then break and that happens to all of us when wind chills are thirty below zero or more you can freeze your skin about 1015 minutes so it's really dangerous to. Aren't they so much for that sand again definitely everybody stay warm this week out there.

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"Over half the U.S. faces high wind alerts, winter storm warnings and advisories amid frigid conditions. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60680074","title":"Actic blast brings coldest air to U.S. in decades","url":"/US/video/severe-arctic-blast-brings-coldest-air-us-decades-60680074"}