Shark attack shuts down beach in Cape Cod

A swimmer was bitten by a shark Wednesday, prompting authorities to close the beach.
2:52 | 08/16/18

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Transcript for Shark attack shuts down beach in Cape Cod
Now if you decide that he wanted to have a happy and safe rest of your summer vacation it's hard to do when you hear. Scary and terrifying news coming out like a shark attack that happened. Off of the beach in Cape Cod where it's 61 year old man was waiting out. Just in the water and so we want to go to TJ Holmes he's there in Cape Cod Massachusetts and TJ thanks for joining us this morning. Tell us what happened. Look I was bill would fulfill the savage you're right he just got out wade in the water what that are out toward Madison the back beat but it was hearing Kate. Of doubt about thirty he thirty yards out from the shorts not that far and he feels little song live leg and sure enough. They have confirmed it was a shark that took a bite out of this guy's 61 year old and they hope Williams like these about the New York they have identified means it's serious condition. At the hospital we've had an injury to his hip. And also to his torso so it's not like it got a pretty good. Pretty good by it when we don't know how big the shark was and has been identified. If you will what's still around this time you that they're used to it here actually. It Cape Cod into every summer. Vacationers and show up here at the same time the sharks who appears though so humans and sharks actually vacation in the thing spots with only a matter of time or something like is gonna happen. Unlucky for the humans that we happen to vacation in the same place I was in Cape Cod last summer and now I'm starting to question my decisions. Also from what I was seeing it. There were seals around right where this man was wading in the water so could it have been a mistaken identity situation. Well that's always. It's always the fear they they warn you hear about don't swim in large group that killed him in human beings that it but he also tell. Are you not to swim close to the seals the sharks have been coming back to this area by many around the past decade and the reason they are is because the seal population has grown. Seals were kind of endangered poll while over the past several decades they've actually put. Measures in place to increase the seal population will push talks got that memo. And now the seal population has been increasing and increasing so the sharks have been coming and coming and coming here during the summer because. It's a buff Fay laid out for them so you have more sharks interacting with more people of course. More buzz or who have been more time in the water and water sports and want to be on beaches so you got more Sharpton more people. And more seals it is not a good combination quite frankly even though we haven't seen interaction a shark encounter. Over the past early six years here in Cape Cod that resulted in an injury so it's been awhile. What we need to be reminded every once in while that they are still here we hate that this guy William lighten has to be the example to remind us but I sounds like he is going to be okay. Of course and we hope that heat. Does come out of this OK and it's important reminder that you need to be alert when you are vacationing in the summer TJ thank you so much for joining us. Via.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"A swimmer was bitten by a shark Wednesday, prompting authorities to close the beach.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57221059","title":"Shark attack shuts down beach in Cape Cod","url":"/US/video/shark-attack-shuts-beach-cape-cod-57221059"}