Shooting tragedy on Virginia Tech campus in 2007

April 16, 2007: A lone gunman, a student at the school, killed 32 people before turning a gun on himself.
5:02 | 03/31/17

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Transcript for Shooting tragedy on Virginia Tech campus in 2007
It is an act of evil on a scale that we've never seen in this country before at 7:15 this morning. In a Virginia Tech dormitory a lone gunman shot and killed two people beginning what would become the deadliest shooting spree. In US history. More than two hours later undetected he had reached an engineering classroom building where he killed thirty people more. The Rampage ended when the gunman still in the classroom building turned one of a semi automatic pistols on himself. What happened in those two and a half hours was a nightmare of unprecedented proportion 32 were killed including the gunman 33 died. And more than 25 other people were injured many of them tonight fighting for their lives. There are troubling questions in the aftermath why we're students innocently sitting in class two hours after the first shooting incident. We're gonna begin tonight with ABC's David Curley who was on the Virginia Tech campus David. Charlie stunning sadness here the full scope of what happened is still sinking in so many dead. So many shots fired in fact you can hear 27 of those shots and the terror this morning. On a scratchy video. Though sounds of a massacre underway. Captured on a student's cell phones. Blowing. The guy come into the room. And eight start shooting. A huge debt our purpose here for first he continued firing for about a minute. At that he'd stop shooting and right now and went on to another because we earn or get shots fired. Despite a Trey Perkins knew from much of the morning this campus in the country believed only one person had been killed. Several wounded. Everyone is walking and then the police started driving up that tells you. And I just said Ron and seven and start running them at gunshots. Then this stunning news of the campus police chief we have a ballpark figure brutalities. It's at least when the penalties but that estimate proved too low. Four hours later the full scope of the carnage it is now confirm that we have 31 deaths from the Norris Hall. Including the gunman. It was 7:15 this morning when the first 911 call was made shots fired at west ambler Johnston dorm home to nearly 900 freshman. The shooting according to witnesses was on the woman's fourth floor two are reported dead there. University police thought it was an isolated incident no campus wide lockdown was ordered. But two hours later on the other side of campus in the engineering building Norris Hall. The rapid firing of a gun in classrooms. Students barricading the doors from the inside to keep the gunman out others trying to escape any way they could. We're just sitting in. All of a sudden I heard loud loud banging noises weren't sure they're construction units did stuff going on the building that's sort. And a it's just screaming into the walls everybody started to panic we're gonna run up the front door of the data. We are shocked some about the homeless everybody's jumping ability. But for thirty students thirty there was no escape. The gunman described by one student as an Asian American about six feet tall and wearing a cargo vest killed himself. I cannot begin to convey. My own personal sense of loss. Over this senseless. And incomprehensible. And heinous act. Throughout the day swat teams swarmed over the campus which was locked down after that second shooting campus officials say they are still trying to identify all the dead. 32 families will be hearing the news that their student's life was taken on this April morning. Officials still won't link these two shootings but they say they are not looking for another gunman tonight. Fifteen are being treated in the hospitals around this area this evening suffer gunshot wounds suffer broken bones who jumped out of the windows trying to escape. That barrage of bullets Charlie. David one of the first things. Parents do in the situation like this is want to rush to their kids. And there are 25000 students on that campus I would suspect there are an awful lot of parents showing up. Yeah absolutely I talked to some parents on the phone and the phone was really the lifeline for so many they found out their children were okay. But we've heard that the highway leading down from Northern Virginia. Down to this area has been packed with people parents coming to see whether it's there child that may have been killed.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"April 16, 2007: A lone gunman, a student at the school, killed 32 people before turning a gun on himself.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"46492788","title":"Shooting tragedy on Virginia Tech campus in 2007","url":"/US/video/shooting-tragedy-campus-virginia-tech-2007-46492788"}