Slimy Substance Closes Lake Michigan Beaches

Authorities baffled by slimy slick, and have asked that beachgoers stay out of the water.
1:39 | 06/18/13

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Transcript for Slimy Substance Closes Lake Michigan Beaches
It was do we gooey sticky and silver. Spotted in Lake Michigan yesterday afternoon sticking to swimmers who are on Porter beach in Indiana. -- -- -- -- Water divers and everybody in squad -- at and is an oil leak the Indiana department of environmental management and the US Geological Survey have ruled out an oil spill. And experts this morning telling us it's not either of these substances seen streaming into the lake from chopper seven HD yesterday. Those are considered to be normal from erosion -- -- It may however be a combination of allergy and metallic flakes from a nearby industry. There was a silvery. Sticky material that literally was sticking to kids as they came out of the water. So they called 911. National Park Service Rangers and others responded. At that point close the water because there was a slick on the water about one quarter mile long park ranger Bruce -- -- Anxiously awaiting test results this morning as he informs people at the visitors center about the problem. At the state park there's a ban on swimming. At the dunes national park it's a strong suggestion that these travelers from Fort Wayne, Indiana may ignore the entire -- had a chance maybe. Our fire I first and see if maybe don't let that later -- thought that the business and then trying to find trails and beach spot and they said that we cannot in the lining. -- -- -- And a group of environmentalists who incidentally here working on another project are scratching their heads this morning. It is disappointing. You know but without knowing what it is it's hard to say what could have been done or who to blame Laurie you know -- that it went -- at that point yet.

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{"duration":"1:39","description":"Authorities baffled by slimy slick, and have asked that beachgoers stay out of the water.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"19429551","title":"Slimy Substance Closes Lake Michigan Beaches","url":"/US/video/slimy-substance-closes-lake-michigan-beaches-19429551"}