Democrats probe Trump's tax returns, business and ties to Russia

A hearing will convene to examine legislative proposals to acquire the president's documents.
2:40 | 02/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Democrats probe Trump's tax returns, business and ties to Russia
What we begin in Washington DC where president trump has been a lashing out at Democrats in a series of tweets. This morning after the House Intelligence Committee announced a new probe into possible Russian interference in 2016. And into the president's financial ties for that we bring in ABC's Stephanie Ramos. At the White House Stephanie can you break it down for us. Absolutely Natalie so house Democrats. Are moving forward with multiple investigations into the trial White House and the president he's not happy about it he's been tweeting about it this morning calling the move. Presidential harassment so here's why as you mentioned the House Intelligence Committee has announced this year investigation into the president his family. But his finances Russia and more Democrats even today leaned on the ground work to secure the president's tax returns. And you're looking at that tweet at first street from this morning from the president where he says that. Congressman Adam Schiff announces after having found zero Russian collusion that. He is going to be looking at every aspect of my life the president also tweeting that the dams and their committees are quote going nuts. The president clearly expressing his frustration with the house Intel Democrats and so refreshing some of the arguments he's made over the special counsel investigation. But house Democrats are moving full word they are not letting any of these weeds stop them. Ask the chairman of the house Intel committee Adam Schiff he says the American people have a right to know that the president is working on their behalf. And that not for anyone else related to allegations of leverage by Russians the saudis we'll basically anybody else. Natalie we'll Stephanie this is what's to be expected from a democratic led house and yesterday we know the house held its first hearing on gun control and eight years. And today the Democrats are unveiling the green at noon DL what can we expect from that Stephanie. They definitely arson Democrats including representative Alexander Acosta who Cortez. Are calling for the school green new deal to combat climate change. She's teaming up with a veteran senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts on the plan there you see her on Capitol Hill. With hundreds of pro environment activists that I've been on Capitol Hill lobbying lawmakers. On cap on the capital. Pressuring democratic leaders to two rolled witness to go with this new deal. For the new majority's agenda in the next congress would see if they do that now president trump. Has scrapped president Obama's plans from which is a similar plan so we'll see where he does it says but it is highly unlikely that he or the Republican. Controlled senate. Will will approve this plan Harry I think he's so much Stephanie Ramos at the White House forests we know you'll stay on top of all of it.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"A hearing will convene to examine legislative proposals to acquire the president's documents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60916551","title":"Democrats probe Trump's tax returns, business and ties to Russia","url":"/US/video/snow-ice-rain-thunderstorms-move-east-60916551"}