SPECIAL REPORT: Bill Cosby found guilty on all charges

Bill Cosby was found guilty today on three counts of indecent aggravated assault.
10:10 | 04/26/18

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Transcript for SPECIAL REPORT: Bill Cosby found guilty on all charges
This is an ABC news special report the bill Cosby's verdict. Now reporting David Muir. Good afternoon I'm David Muir were coming on the air at this hour because there is breaking news and Bill Cosby sexual assault reach while there has been a verdict the comedian now eighty has been found guilty on all counts. He's been accused of drugging and assaulting a woman at his Philadelphia home again guilty all counts moments ago that panel of seven men. And five women after deliberating for fourteen hours came back with the verdict. They come back with three questions in the last 24 hours but no questions today I want to bring in our legal analyst sunny Hostin who's watching this would be guilty on all three counts. This is a significant development he faces prison time significant prison time. He really doesn't mean I think the issue here was always one of consent whether or not. Andrea Conn stand consented. Two sexual relationships. With Bill Cosby and I think. You know what is what was the game changer here was the other women. Allowed to testify and so the prosecution here then was able to prove. This was a pattern for Bill Cosby he drugged women. He then assaults of women without their consent because clearly you can't consent if you are. Under the influence of drugs or alcohol and so bad I think was the difference in this case as opposed to be former trial where we know that the jury deadlocked. On whether or not to convict Bill Cosby. So for those of our viewers were just joining us now you're watching live coverage so bill Cosby's retrial he's just been found guilty on all counts he been charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault we do know that this conviction could put him in prison for up to ten years. On each count our team inside the courtroom reporting that. There was no reaction from Bill Cosby he looked straight ahead as this verdict was delivered though there were audible gasps in the courtroom. Andrea con Stan nodding her head when she heard the verdict. As we know this is the second time that she has faced Bill Cosby down in court. And sunny as you pointed out the major difference this time is that they were able to actually hear from other women that might have bolstered this case. Absolutely absolutely and I think that's something that bill Cosby's attorneys certainly fought against his prior attorneys more successful. And and I will say when you're prosecutors I was and you want to prove that this is. This is the behavior. Of someone. It certainly is much more powerful if you have more than one voice anywhere in the time of the need to movement and I was first certainly. There's a heightened awareness of sexual assault and and the question of consent. So if your prosecutor you'd not only have Andrea is voice now you have 1238. Believe there were five women testified that this was his pattern. This was his practice it is very difficult. In my view for a jury to look away. Under those circumstances that would be overwhelming. Evidence of a pattern or practice of sexual assault. You bring up the moment that this country is in the mean to move in bringing much needed attention. Two women in the workplace and women who have accused. People of high profile of the four that would include Bill Cosby and it was interest in his own defense team won into the meat to movement hoping to make the case. That this would be as you as you would say certain a mob mentality in the effort to to retry him we do know that from the courtroom three accusers. Burst into tears after they heard the verdict. We're now getting reports that Bill Cosby who who sat there listen to the verdict looking straight ahead has now put his head down his eyes closed taking deep breaths. We mention that Andrea con Stan nodded her head in approval when she heard the verdict that she certainly was hoping for. Again as you're watching right now Bill Cosby found guilty on all three counts. In this retrial he faces up to ten years for each of those counts and quickly before we say good bye on this sunny. He faces ten years in prison for each count what are we likely to see though. As you know he is an eighty year old man any sentence at this point of ten years with is a death sentence in my in my view. The judge will look act. The case the judge will look at his stature in the community the judge will listen to victim impact statements. It's very possible that the judge the judge has wide discretion here so we're looking at it. Any NE up amount of time it could be no time in in prison or it could be up to thirty years of the judge decides. This is some thing. That Lisa sent a message to women and our community. That enough is enough that you can't do this and get away with it he could very well spend the rest of his life. In prison how likely is it though that he wouldn't face any prison time but that's an option that you just like I have to say I think that's very unlikely again given the severity. Of the convictions here of the verdict. And of his actions and the moment that were in in terms of accountability. Four men and aggression towards women I would be very surprised if he did not serve any time comes that we did see bill Cosby's wife late in this retrial guests or else yes she certainly has stood by her husband. She. As had been very supportive of him. I eight. Doubt I doubt at this point that Bill Cosby will walk away even today a free man Mike my guess is that the prosecution asked for his. Fail to be revoked almost immediately almost immediately and I and I think he'll spend tonight in prison. Erase any stick with us here because we do wanna get to ABC's Lindsey Davis who's been covering this trial from the very start she joins us. From outside the courthouse in the gender you were inside the courtroom initial descriptions of Bill Cosby looking straight ahead as that verdict was delivered. I've been putting his head down taking deep breaths. As it was described to us. David I at a certain point couldn't even find where he was in the courtroom and I had been looking right at his face. When the the first guilty came through he just kind of dropped his head. And then he must've dropped himself so low that you couldn't even see it above the desk that where he was sitting. He just disappeared it so we couldn't I couldn't give you any kind of reaction other than. What might be described as you know someone who's sitting and any kind of partially collapsed as forward. In the room that there was audible there were audible gasps. There ever. For survivors or form they call themselves a survivor sisters were caused accusers. Three of them who've been here every single day for this trial that lasted for twelve days closes two days until deliberations. And then last year ended in June they were here as well day in and day out for that trial they. Had to be escorting out of the courtroom. Because they sobbed. So loudly and they ask to be able to say they so they were stopped crying. But they had to leave. They were overcome three of them were escorted out one was able to stay but just overcome was so much emotion. That many of them many of these accusers going back to the 1980s. Saying and in some cases beyond that this saying that they had been. Drugged and sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby. Z as you know we have every expectation that prosecutors would ask almost immediately. That bail be revoked any word on that. We've heard that they will pass but it's not clear and it's up to the judge to decide. I mean of course is gonna take into consideration here's a man that in two months is going to be 81 years old he is legally blind and so. How much of a threat to society is news certainly these arguments are going to be made by Thomas wrote his lead defense attorney so he will be up to the judge were told that sentencing would take place. Sixty to ninety days now. As you mentioned his defense team here they had made the argument that I mentioned was sunny moment ago that this meat to movement. But Bill Cosby in this retrial had been swept up in that that this was to sort of mob mentality. But Lindsay is you were in the courtroom studying the seven Amanda's five women who made up this jury. Any word from their faces their expressions as they. Walked back into the courtroom to deliver this verdict clearly they did not buy that argument. You could tell by their faces and I was looking to see if there was going to be any indication. As far as. Which way this was gonna go and and that's why I think there was so much does. Suspense inside the courtroom because it really could have gone either way it just wasn't clear this jury was asking some of the same exact questions that. Last year's jury was asking as far as what's the legal definition of consent just. Had no idea but what I will say they'll march back to large factors here difference between last violent mistrial. Of course a dimension the we're now in the me to movement Sarah but also that you heard from those five additional accusers this go around. Whether or not you believed Andrea Conn stamp. Who had those five other women say yes it happened to me to. Within very similar descriptions in many cases they use the same words to describe. How they felt after they say that they had been drug. And how they say that they had been sexually assaulted so while they hit it. District attorney back in 2005. Rose faster and said initially that he padded charge through Bill Cosby because. 700 pounds and had ruined her own credibility and would not be believed by a jury. Gary Matthews proven wrong today and guilty on all three counts. And Lindsay we just a few moments left was Camille Cosby in the courtroom his wife. Until cousin was not in the courtroom as she did during the last trial she only appeared on the day of the defense's closing argument. Lindsey Davis has been covering this case and the previous trial like things to you are things to sunny Hostin. A here watching this with me again Bill Cosby found guilty on all counts in that retrial just moments ago. He does face the real possibility a living out the rest of his life in prison. And we still await word on whether or not prosecutors will ask to revoke available that is expected and very soon. We'll have much more coming up later today and ABC's world news tonight until then I'm David you were here in New York today. This has been a special. From ABC.

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