Harvey is the first major hurricane to make landfall in almost 12 years

National Hurricane Center expects the storm to linger on the Texas coast for days.
28:33 | 08/26/17

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Transcript for Harvey is the first major hurricane to make landfall in almost 12 years
its mark along the coast of Texas. Rhondella: This is expected to last for days. This is the new video in overnight. You can see the trees are torn down and garbage in the flooded street in Corpus Christi. Harvey made landfall late last night and ever since it's been a rocky ride for people in its path. Hurricane Harvey winds fueling these flames that destroyed at least three homes on Bolivia peninsula. You can see the raging fire from this new video in overnight. Two homes were burning before firefighters arrived and the wind shifted the flames to a third house. It's unclear if anyone was hurt. Doug: Look at those sparks there. Emergency crews in some areas are unable to answer the calls for help. The fire chief in rockport, Texas, says the calls keep coming, but the weather is preventing any type of emergency response. We're still bunkered down in our station. We still have hurricane force winds outside, but we do know we have significant damage throughout the area. We are inundated with calls with people needing help. But we're -- we're waiting on the weather to allow us to do it. Doug: Remember, this is just the beginning. This massive storm isn't just impacting the gulf coast. We're going to feel some of the effects right here in new England in the form of gas prices. Harvey is threatening to flood five oil refineries in the gulf, forcing the oil industry to shut down operations, sending a ripple effect across the country. We will more than likely see prices going up anywhere from 10 cents to 30 cents just because of the disruptions that this hurricane has already caused. Doug: The biggest impact expected from the south to the mid-atlantic. Triple a saying spikes in pump prices due to the effects of the hurricane tend to be brief, but they are dramatic. Rhondella: Newscenter 5 is tracking every angle of this storm. We have coverage all day. Check in wherever you are on the latest updates on hurricane Harvey. Also breaking this morning -- rescuers are searching for a military member after a U.S. Blackhawk helicopter crashed. It happened late last night off the coast of Yemen. The chopper was taking part in a training mission. Five service members have been rescued as one remains missing. The time is now 6:35. Checking the top stories happening right now. Doug: This one hurts. The patriots could be down a key player heading into the regular season. Here's the video you don't want to see. Wide receiver Julian Edelman may have torn his A.C.L. That was in last night's preseason game. He went down on a noncontact play against the lions. He was able to hobble off the field, as you see, but then he had to be carted away. Edelman is undergoing an M.R.I. Tomorrow when the swelling goes down. Rhondella: The city of Worcester is bracing for a bus strike. Durham bus company is negotiating with its union over wages, health care and retirement benefits. The talks are going through the weekend but could impact the first day of school on Monday. Doug: Three firefighters are recovering after battling two separate fires in Boston. The first one at around 10:40 last night on beacon street. A firefighter was treated for back injury, another taken away for evaluation. A short circuit in a ceiling fixture sparked that blaze. In west Roxbury, a firefighter treated for an arm injury fighting a fire on Whittemore street. The cause of that fire still under investigation. Rhondella: She's been training for this. An aspiring firefighter comes across a burning building. I just ran in, and I just said the building is on fire. Rhondella: That woman says her instincts kicked in when she saw the flames. She's talking to newscenter 5's Nicole estaphan in Weymouth. I just bolted right across the street and just did what I thought was the right thing to do at that time. Nicole: A coincidental hero. Jackie was not only in the right place at the right time Thursday. She was the right person to help rescue three people from being trapped by flames in Weymouth. I just ran in and I just said the building is on fire. You guys need to get out now. Nicole: The firefighter in training was on her way home from a meeting at a nearby fire station when she noticed something alarming. I noticed black, thick smoke coming from a building in front of me. Nicole: She guided two workers from this nail salon to safety, but the flames were spreading to the home next door. The side of this house was melting. We don't have time. We've gotta go. Nicole: Opening the do to another dramatic rescue. My older brother Cory comes dashing through the door, dragging me out of bed. The house is going to catch fire. Nicole: If not for the actions of her brother, if not for an alert firefighter-to-be, it -- the loss could have been unimaginable. Little is left, but signs of hope remain. Yeah, those were on my girls' bed. Nicole: Among the handful of items that survived the house fire, an angel that stood near a bed to protect two sleeping children. Among the blessings, a passerby with the knowledge and skill to help save lives. Jackie begins her official training in the fall. She already has a full-time job with the braintree fire department. In Weymouth, Nicole estaphan, WCVB newscenter 5. Doug: All right, Jackie. Good job. Coast guard evacuation on the water. A man was experienced heart attack like symptoms on a boat off of Hampton harbor, new Hampshire. The coast guard was called in to perform the rescue. No word on his condition. Rhondella: The U.S. Pacific command is correcting its assessment of three missile launches in North Korea. One apparently blew up in flight immediately yesterday, but two flew about 155 miles. Military officials earlier said the two had failed, but that turned out to be incorrect. The U.S. Territory of Guam, which North Korea has threatened, was not in danger. Six public relations firms with ties to former trump campaign manager Paul manafort and former national security advisor Michael Flynn have received subpoenas. They've been served by special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential race. Last month F.B.I. Agents raided manafort's home. Doug: A mother of three in court yesterday accused of O.U.I. In a fatal crash in reading. Lynn Dewolfe was distraught in that courtroom. Police say that the 50-year-old was under the influence when she hit several cars on 95 in reading on Thursday, causing another car to strike motorcyclist Christopher Weisz, who later died. Dewolfe's record shows two other O.U.I. Convictions. Her attorney said she had a reaction to a legitimately prescribed medication. Rhondella: New on 5 on the state of addiction. Patient safety concerns in Danvers. The department of public health took the step after a 61-year-old patient died last week. It was the second death in the Danvers facility this year and the ninth in such a facility in Massachusetts. Doug: First responders are calling it a disastrous spike. 40 overdose calls in Manchester, New Hampshire, last week alone. There had been 28 for the entire month of August up until then. A spike like this means a more potent strain of heroin, but that may not be the case. Responders are saying they have not had to administer more narcan than usual. Either way, the jump is alarming. New Hampshire's first responders are hoping for federal aid after president trump declared the opioid crisis a national emergency. Rhondella: Police are offering extra protection for Massachusetts's Powerball winner. Chicopee police are sending extra patrols to her neighborhood making sure no one takes advantage. The say random individuals have been wandering arounrying to find her. Police are asking neighbors to report anything suspicious. Well, a special treat for you "Game of thrones" fans in Boston. Doug: Get ready, Kelly Ann. Where you can check out some of the show's props. She's very excited. Plus, questions after a seaplane crashes off the coast of Maine. The search for answers. You're also keeping an eye on the weather, Kelly Ann. Kelly Ann: Absolutely. Hurricane Harvey is lark out at Texas right Doug: Welcome back. We continue to track hurricane Harvey. It's working its way north of Victoria, Texas. They have a long hall in front of them, people. We are also going to be having a live report at the top of the hour from "Good morning America" and the images coming in from Texas are devastating. More on that in just a moment. Rhondella: Right now, investigators are trying to figure out what caused a seaplane to crash off the coast of Maine. York police say the plain crashed yesterday off cape neddick shortly after taking off from a large luxury boat. The pilot was the only person onboard and was not hurt. The F.A.A. Is involved in the investigation. Doug: Do you know any good ninjas? A research group is asking for help for sea turtles after untangling five in the last five days. Look at the size of that thing. The rescue team says the animals are migrating south. If you find one all tangled up, please send it to the report to the center for coastal studies. Rhondella: "Game of thrones" fans, you can check out memorabilia in Boston today. It reportedly includes at least two costumes worn by the cast. This according to "Boston magazine." The AT&T store on Boylston store will host it. The event is scheduled from 11:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon. Doug: A live look from galveston, Texas. You can see this is one of those cameras you put up on the web for surfers and whatnot. But the surf continues to roll onshore where it's 5:45 in the morning, just a little bit before daybreak down there. But it's still too dangerous for first responders in many cases to get out and get to help some of the people. Rhondella: They anticipated that. FEMA stationed there, generators, supplies in various areas so they can be ready. Kelly Ann: The water temperature down there is mid to upper 80's. So, you know, this system strengthened so quickly, I think first responders got on top of the system as quickly as they could, especially considering the fact that this strengthened really just out of control. Category four at landfall. Now it is a category one. But check out how much rainfall already we have seen. For their local time, about 10:00, so 11:00 here. And in less than a 10-hour period, nearly 10 inches of rainfall down toward corpus Christi and elsewhere seeing anywhere between six to eight inches of rainfall just within that time period. This is something that's not going to make much movement. Here's a look at the track. Category one 90-mile-per-hour winds just north and west of Victoria. As it continues to move inland, it is going to continue to weaken through this afternoon likely going from a category one hurricane down to a tropical storm by tonight heading into tomorrow afternoon. Notice how it all of a sudden turns, makes its way back toward the coast as we head into late tomorrow night into Monday morning before making its way northward. That is something that's going to likely help to impact areas elsewhere even out toward Houston as we head into Wednesday and Thursday. So keep in mind with this churning overhead, we're seeing whefs of rainfall moving all the way out through Louisiana. So this is a very expansive system that is pushing through. Meanwhile, local forecast is very quiet. On the flip side, we're seeing a little taste of fall out there this morning. We have many of our inland locations down into the 40's. 45 degrees in Orange right now. A bit of a chill to the air for sure. Worcester at 54. Boston holding onto 60. Cool enough that you'll want a light jacket. We have a bit of a chill to the air. Low humidity, that's the case through today and tomorrow. It starts to slightly rise Monday and Tuesday before humidity makes more of a return as we move into the middle to late portion of the workweek. Temperaturewise, couldn't ask for anything better. Mid to upper 70's. A very comfortable air mass. Wind out of the northwest likely shifting to the east today bringing a little bit of a sea breeze onto our coastline where Boston topping out at the low to mid 70's mark. Lows tonight again falling into the 50's and then a cool evening in store for us. You have 40's as you move inland. Orange about 46 degrees. High pressure in place. We're staying quiet for the next couple of days. The next system we're watching well off into the midwest. That's not moving through until the late portion of the week. And that's why it is going to stay nice dry, cool and sunny. A little taste of fall as we head into the forecast again for tomorrow. Here's our 12-hour forecast as we break it down. Should see afternoon clouds but nothing that completely blocks that beautiful sunshine as temperatures top out in the 70's. We're going to see a little rise in temperatures toward the end of the week and chance of showers by Friday. Doug and rhondella? Rhondella: Thank you, Kelly Ann. In your health, more than a million Americans are living with type 1 diabetes. Their bodies don't produce insulin, something we all need to survive. Doug: As our Emily Riemer shows us, promising research suggests a treatment that could be the answer these patients are looking for. Reporter: The modern lab is focused on a generic vaccine with powerful potential. B.C.G. Is the most common vaccine administered to newborns in the world for the last hundred years to try to prevent tuberculosis. Reporter: The B.C.G. Vaccine is not generally recommended for children in the U.S. Because of the low risk for T.B. Infection here. Yet, B.C.G. Could be the key for people with type 1 diabetes. B.C.G., the yellow particles scene here, can kill bad white blood cells before those cells attack the insulin-releasing cells in the pancreas. Research shows the B.C.G. Vaccines helps the body produce a hormone people with type 1 diabetes need more of. Those elevated levels do two good things. One is they induce your white blood cells to proliferate that are the good white blood cells. On the other side of the equation, it kills the bad t-cells. So it's resetting the immune system to look Normal again. Reporter: The doctor's phase one trial of the vaccine showed promising results. In adults with advanced type 1 diabetes, B.C.G. Eliminated the bad white blood cells and temporarily helped the body make small amounts of insulin on its own. The next step, a face two trial, is underway right now to see if the disease can be put into remission. Moving something forward like this could have in the short-term really pretty big impact on health care costs in the United States. Reporter: The phase two trial will follow participants over the next five years. If it's successful, the next step could be a prevention trial, a study to see if B.C.G. Could stop diabetes before it ever starts. Emily Riemer, WCVB newscenter 5. Rhondella: Thanks, Emily. We are staying on top of breaking news as we get a look at the damage from that massive hurricane in the gulf coast. Doug: Hurricane Harvey making landfall late last night. Doug: Welcome back. Updating that serious situation in the gulf coast, hurricane Harvey ripping through parts of Texas as it made landfall overnight. Rhondella: We have live pictures from galveston. You can see the ocean churning there. Heavy rains and winds just whipping from this category one storm. On the right of your screen, our satellite image of the path of this major hurricane. Doug: The biggest concern with this storm is the rain, but the wind damage is extensive this morning. Trees and power lines simply ripped from the ground. Harvey making landfall as a category four. Rhondella: The next few hours folks are crucial to watch in this major storm. We are tracking it on-air, online and on mobile. Check in wherever you are for the latest on Harvey and its impact. Doug: Another story we're tracking right now -- this one hurts in more ways than one. Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman may have torn his A.C.L. Last night against the lions. He went down on a noncontact play. And then was carted from the sidelines. Edelman will undergo an M.R.I. Expected for today. Rhondella: Firefighters believe they know the cause of a two-alarm blaze on Boston's beacon street. Firefighters responded around 10:40 last night. Investigators say an electrical shortage in a bathroom ceiling fixture likely sparked the flames. One firefighter suffered a back injury. Another had to be taken away for evaluation. Doug: Another Boston firefighter is recovering this morning after battling flames at a west Roxbury home. This was the scene just before 11:30 last night a Whittemore street. That firefighter was taken from the scene for treatment of an arm injury. The damage is estimated at $500,000. Rhondella: Of course, we're tracking the big story out of the gulf today, Harvey. And how our weather's cooled off. It's temperate here. Kelly Ann: While things are active in the tropics, it's strangely quiet. Rhondella: The thought the same. Kelly Ann: It's throwing us for a loop. The dew points are down into the 40's. It's still August. That is not exactly Normal for this time of year. Cool and dry for today. Highs in the low to mid 70's and for tomorrow, a taste of fall as we move into the next couple of days because those low temperatures getting down to the 40's in spots. As you're heading out this morning, there's still a chill to the air. You definitely want a light jacket or perhaps just layer on. As we move into the middle of the workweek, we're watching a disturbance from Florida possibly forming into tropical storm Irma. A lot to watch down in the tropics. Rhondella: A special report just said trump is declaring a major disaster. "Good morning America" is, of course, next. Thanks for staying with us this morning on the Little busy in here. Yeah those are my exersearchers. Kayak can't search hundreds of exercises to find the right one. But it can search hundreds of travel sites to find the right flight. Compare hundreds of travel sites at once. Kayak. Search One and Done. Good morning, America. Breaking news. Hurricane Harvey making landfall. The massive category 4 storm tearing into Texas, bringing with it 130-mile-an-hour winds and torrential rainfall. The monster storm ripping apart buildings. Rescuers desperately searching for those who may still be trapped. Harvey now the most powerful storm to hit the continental U.S. In nearly a decade. The white house issuing a dister as declaration. Thousands evacuate fwrg Harvey's violent path. This is going to be a very major disaster. Sparking powerlines. Texas faces their biggest storm in more than 50 years. Good morning on an historic and scare I Saturday morning. Paula is off. Glad to have ABC's Amy robach and chief meteorologist ginger zee alongside as we track this monster storm. Hurricane Harvey and its tortuously slow March along the gulf coast. You're looking here at the satellite image of where Harvey is right now. A category 1 hurricane about 30 miles southwest of Victoria, Texas.

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