Staying focused on mental health

ABC News’ Maggie Rulli on why taking care of your brain and body by finding your own therapy, including dance, is so important during times of stress and isolation.
8:16 | 05/05/20

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Transcript for Staying focused on mental health
May is mental health month and during these difficult times we find ourselves stretched thin and stressed out the sheer force of this viruses. Taking so many lines causing an immense amount of pain and suffering some of that manifesting itself physically. And a lot of it mentally many are now battling isolation addiction and depression. So as we explored a number of aspects of mental health this month we begin with a look at how finding therapy is so critical right now even if that therapy. Is dancing are mag usually has more. Isolation quarantine social distance in a time of unprecedented separation. Community still finds a way to come together. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Humans are social and living life at a distance has left many people craving connection now more than ever. Hillary katic and recently wrote about her own isolated experience in donor fatigue. I was feeling very like. Excellence in the world. She says about five years ago she was suffering from anxiety and she couldn't sleep. Just headed in the area he dusty all the time it just sort of let. Ash are sensitive to everything. And doesn't Gary in my you know like when you accurately track your ring. The man her friend told her about this meditative dance class. And she says it changed her life. Like they're being eight. It even all eyes on the art like you are gearing idea but added if you're gonna like me and literally like shedding my. Anxious yelling that Mike's got feelings like anger out whatever. Happened in the end is like eating an on the Deb. It became essential part of who she was for half a decade. Until the pandemic K. Suddenly she was cut off from the people and the practice that she had relied on. And it was just like this like injects energy rats and not moving I'll. Hillary isn't alone and now doctors say they aren't worried only about cobra nineteen. They're worried about another global health emergency loneliness. And its impact on mental health. Sure a lot of people. Working order and we didn't want great. Look at her who is a roller or is that normal beach while I was he not 100. Been more true than right now it's all of us are experiencing some anxiety. Doctor Ken Duckworth is the chief medical officer at the national alliance for mental illness or nominee he says paying attention to that anxiety is important. But he says it's a feeling that's often overlooked in our society. Well we haven't eight Cora pain we seek a remedy to help us cope. We know it's crucial to stay active to maintain or physical well being according to doctor Duckworth. The key to overall wellness doesn't stop with just physical activity. There is no. Health without mental the brain and the body are connected you see people jumping a movie when it gets here. Siskel and emotional scene time and if you're mental health whose trouble and your hell will feel we have sex. Depression Corley who army had problems harder trouble. Right anxiety quarreling with addiction vulnerabilities that are all kinds of ways are now in actual. Studies show there are many factors over the course a polite that contribute to mental health problems including biological factors such as jeans or brain chemistry. Life experiences like trauma and abuse and a family history of mental health problems. But this pandemic is testing the mental state of humanity on a scale we've never seen before. What she really unusual. I mean really and unknown. Never before in modern history have we experienced this kind of bounced isolation suddenly many communities have been separated and we're learning in real time. How this can impact the human mind. Humans are intensely social creatures. We like hanging out with people people are going to the office meeting not because similar job because people are. Somebody remembers your corner net open room now Aurora. Were all. You know. Independently. Isolation. Isolation is harder on people social connection is beneficial for people. Nearly one in five adults in America crew we live with the mental illness. Only about half of those affected seek out treatment often because of the stigma attached to it. So this idea of kind of negative. Feelings or shame about seeking help. I hear our problem many people don't speak out. Some what more serious illnesses can't appreciate that there are no. Do happen mental health problem which I won't acknowledge still carries almost social that. Earlier in our society it's not still the same. Having bipolar disorder is not seen as having cancer were Korea is he's in terms of people's recognition bit. That's the problem that is except. The issue. Is to make the leap to realize. You could actually fuel that are on the other hand this. That your symptoms which are plaguing you would cost you suffering. Might actually be addressed. Mental health professionals emphasize that physical not social distancing is what's so important right now. We might have to stay away from each other but that doesn't mean we shouldn't stay connected things like face timing video conferencing with friends writing to people in an elderly home re connecting with gambling are using telemedicine to meet virtually with a professional therapists for Hillary her therapy becomes. In the form of des arts. When her classes were canceled due to social distancing guidelines she knew the physical connection was gone. But nothing emotional. I just. So she started reading classes from home asking for donations and go to the local charity. Is it stealing and helplessness. Or on kind of now yelling go thanks to be able kind of lately I I get that feeling of publicly at Spector innocent something a little bit bigger and collecting and accidents like. Offering our guests and I'm. We joined them and in living rooms and kitchens all around the world with friends and Greece Amsterdam in Los Angeles me in London Hillary in New York. We let lives. Afterwards and co insurance and feel different. I was tasteful or stress. Coming off of work. And not feel like little change in street. And while we were physically apart socially and emotionally. We can't together. While there are so many unknowns about what the future of all of our lives will look like if it according to check on yourself. By checking out what's in your head. If you're having sleep problems and negative thoughts. Thinking of arming yourself lost twenty pounds she lost interest in. You have no more passion for anything can experience and clincher. And whether or not you're experiencing any of these symptoms doctor Duckworth gives us simple but important strategies to take care of yourself for maintaining a structure taken a shower. Sticking with some kind of schedule. Getting exercised three are you sure physical inside. Right she sleeve culture calmed down he breathing it reduces who's going side. Minding your sleeve is really important if you're sleeping well Yurman all the more likely to be. And a good place. And one think all experts can agree on you are not alone. Find your own outlet to help cope with these tough times whether being a virtual dance party. Or calling a friend but most importantly it's remembering here are all in this together. Accurately ABC news London.

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{"duration":"8:16","description":"ABC News’ Maggie Rulli on why taking care of your brain and body by finding your own therapy, including dance, is so important during times of stress and isolation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70501383","title":"Staying focused on mental health","url":"/US/video/staying-focused-mental-health-70501383"}