3 different storms to travel across US

A turbulent week of weather is expected, with multiple major storms from coast to coast.
1:37 | 01/24/21

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Transcript for 3 different storms to travel across US
A very active in her feisty some winter weather are not just in one spot but really come across much of the country this is like a Nebraska just a few inches of snow here along I eighty but cause there's some accidents or worsen fatalities as well. I Minneapolis saw a couple of inches or SARS not a time with this kind of precursor to the storms coming in but enough to make the roads very bracelet in this'll only increases you know two types of storms coming into the west. Now in developing through the intermountain west and so I'm number one gets in the Denton Texas later on today and and tonight coty some severe weather. I think the gaming Kansas City should mostly be dry but rain will be right on the doorstep there on the fourth quarter ending getting into snow Chicago Detroit could see six to nine inches of snow in an assistant gets into the New York area. And Philly Tuesday. Trying to tell us now for in this area but that likely seeing a foot or more parts of the midwest that's from number one storm number two coming into the west this one's a little bit stronger San Francisco to Los handle see some rain some wind getting into some snow in the higher elevations. And this one's got a lot more potency in some longer legs gets and it midsection of the country on Wednesday. And then again into the northeast on Thursday and guess what there's another one behind that we'll talk more about that next half an hour and out up. Here's a look at your local forecast.

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{"duration":"1:37","description":"A turbulent week of weather is expected, with multiple major storms from coast to coast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75458209","title":"3 different storms to travel across US","url":"/US/video/storms-travel-us-75458209"}