4 Students Killed in Ohio Plane Crash

Nearby residents reported sounds of plane trouble before the crash.
1:01 | 08/26/14

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Transcript for 4 Students Killed in Ohio Plane Crash
-- in my room where I was doing homework and stuff and we heard the propeller. But you can here like something was -- -- is like kind of like. -- like a shaking sound kinda like the sound of when there's a flat tire like the boom. Boom boom and then we heard a big -- -- like the car accidentally come out here is just. It's a plane and -- all of us my -- my Brothers all of us are rallying. Towards the airplane trying to to help but then -- the flames Goudie the lawyers. I just think that it didn't land on our house and I'm sorry for the lives that -- -- that this is like. Crazy -- -- after an explosion Arum have that large but does. My -- -- Collins said the plane crash didn't was on fire so I come running out of -- Collison. It was on fire -- it would sound totally implode it. These gentlemen say that it was taking off from the airport. It must hit them I would need to -- hit -- power line or something like that.

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{"id":25134097,"title":"4 Students Killed in Ohio Plane Crash","duration":"1:01","description":"Nearby residents reported sounds of plane trouble before the crash.","url":"/US/video/students-killed-ohio-plane-crash-25134097","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}