Super Bowl 2013: Commercials to Talk About

Matt Miller highlights some of the most popular ads that aired during the big game.
5:23 | 02/04/13

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Transcript for Super Bowl 2013: Commercials to Talk About
But the pads. Huge last night. Fifteen new ones almost four million dollars a pop all get our attention on FaceBook here through some of the big moments the biggest ones. When those ads aired. This is essentially the way that the metrics are done when Dodge Ram ran the god made a farmer had. The mentions on FaceBook when that -- -- went up a hundred in 51000%. When they air taco -- -- young. Mentioned the Taco Bell backed up a 141000. And -- miracles they mentioned the -- that went up 132000. Again in the ads aired. Crazy so which ones scored which ones fumbled we have Matt Miller from the association of independent commercial producers Matt -- -- with us today to clear wide. Where we entertained last night. We -- -- some really really green adds that had. Had a lot of different messages interestingly enough some of the more serious heartfelt pieces. One. Over the slapstick humor we didn't have the flatulence. Going -- Real Americana as you mentioned. And we had some pieces that didn't really resonate with with the viewers what -- -- it was the strongest ought to meet personally the Jeep commercial with the Pope wrote voice over. That was like at the that brought you to tears unity that was obviously you know look that it doesn't get more American Brian NG. Oprah and the military and unity is sort of can't lose that way up. It felt -- they're okay. More of a heart felt when we've seen that before we've seen. Anheuser-Busch few years ago had the applause -- where the military walk through the airport reading writing and and it -- really felt -- your heart. That same emotion was -- the air with this -- but. But let's face it it's still have that Americana and it's very important message for our troops -- supports -- -- just. Wants and the fact the Samsung did an ad with Seth Rogen in Paul -- about the creation of the -- and take a look at about one. I have LeBron James -- you win on Samsung yeah. Yeah ambulance tablets it's the title you LeBron James you've got the next big -- that you need anybody it's right you don't need to. -- anyone else. I've got it I'm having breakfast with a bronze kids and grandkids -- strands. It's accurate score it's a great you know it's a little -- won't even people. The ad business but still it's go to -- -- because I had such high star power there right. Yes -- people you know LeBron threw him in -- -- but the story screen writers the two -- story the teaser that came out earlier in the week. With was. Amid it and it was a totally different piece of this story you know some more they're brainstorming so I think -- -- celebrity in -- really well and let's -- -- stamps -- Last year they went after apple big time right you know take off on people waiting in lines and after all the attributes the of the five -- it. The galaxy and it -- actually -- their marketshare you know the number one Smartphone in the world and and last year's Super Bowl brought them -- and a whole ten points above apple. It works for them. This they're up against a -- black hair and red flag right yet to read a market managing editor go right head to head on that and they actually got a front of it a couple of weeks go by launching one that took aim at Blackberry. This -- just sort of made fun of all -- all of us in trouble spots whether it be pistachios -- or whether he has even themselves. Celebrity endorsement he says they -- a lot of fun with what was in there and for many. It showed that piece of celebrity character not taking themselves to eastern right right and saying hey you know what we can have a lot of fun. They as celebrities. Are winners in -- -- so Samsung is a winner but there are two weeks to choose a different dynamic -- you do you put upon themselves. A lot of feel good lesson Volkswagen also had a good when as well with with the whole roster far in don't worry -- feel -- my take a look at valid if your thoughts because that deathly -- elicited. Emotional high that with not celebrity driven right. I hate -- can no worse though worries about everything we beat -- eight. -- -- -- Just thinking about it comes soon. -- -- It's published -- -- four million box that's that you could perform like somebody. I think that -- -- -- a little. It achieves that we Jimmy Cliff earlier and it was very funny and they played awful lot of them really funny. Viral people -- that we're we're hits during the course of the year for his interest in was. When that didn't come out and he teased out -- in print that early all the sudden there's this -- people say is racist. -- you know it actually took the Jamaican government to come back -- -- -- second. Jamaican isn't a race first of all it's racist for people who call it racist because that's not who we all. Yeah it's actually I'm very much fun and -- Jamaica puts themselves out there as. The land of happiness and it's gonna put it on island time -- -- all these things that it actually resonated well once that. That David -- trumped up controversy blew over. I think people got how much fun countless that's -- husband to be.

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{"id":18401315,"title":"Super Bowl 2013: Commercials to Talk About","duration":"5:23","description":"Matt Miller highlights some of the most popular ads that aired during the big game.","url":"/US/video/super-bowl-2013-commercials-talk-18401315","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}