Suspect Identified in Fatal Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport

A suspected shooter in custody has been identified as Esteban Santiago, according to law enforcement sources.
5:41 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for Suspect Identified in Fatal Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport
For those of you just tuning in 3 o'clock here in the East Coast you're watching ABC news live coverage of the scene unfolding at Fort Lauderdale airport this afternoon. A lone gunman it's believed at this point that it was a lone gunman walked into terminal to the baggage claim. Opening fire at least five people were killed right there on the scene. It's believed at this point eight people. Are injured. Were hit also in the shooting and in some way eight injuries that number fluid all afternoon as we've been on the air but at least five people dead we knew early on from that. The Broward county sheriff's department that they did believe they were dealing with multiple. Casualties and a number of fatalities and we now know that that number is. Five people dead. And we've heard from eyewitness is all afternoon here who describe. The gunman walking through that baggage claim opening fire. The cracking noise the crackling noise of the gunfire. And and that the fact of workers who stood there and watch this unfold. In four and this belief when they saw the gunman for themselves and had to dive behind the kiosks. Right there in the baggage claim I'm joined by our chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross has been. You know accurately on the desk now for couple of hours after we first learned. Of this unfolding situation and as I was mentioning senator Nelson on the phone this was this was reporting that we had not heard yet but he he'd been told by. Authorities right away that the suspect being led away and we have an image of that. Unclear if that's the actual suspect the song being led away at a military ID on them and that the name associated with the Cubans what was Esteban Santiago. That's right and a federal law enforcement authorities and aviation security officials have told us. That is the name there working in now as the possible shooter you wanna cautions sometimes people end up with the idea somebody else. If that is a name he is a 26 year old male. Born in New Jersey with the dress is going back to Anchorage Alaska and. And again we caution that this is just initial reporting attached to the name that we had been given by. Senator Nelson now federal authorities saying that that is in fact be named it at least early on they're going women now investigating but that's early word coming in on. On the individual we might be looking at we certainly do not know if that's indeed the person because as you point out and smartly. Oftentimes these ideas get mixed up or or a gunman will purposely have a nightly July. Deal if somebody else and use that as a as a way to throw away but it's clear from or seen these pictures David that scene is not clear they have not clear that's. Chief from when you look at these pictures and how tense the scene still is that some of these pictures come in now people. Down behind cars the running that we see there. And it's hard to tell which ones are actually live and which ones are coming in for moments ago but we have seen. Some frantic moments right up until just a short time ago this is a this is an unfolding situation and this is what happens when you have. Additional reports of a possible. Further incidents being being reported. And that's often the case after an incident given the chaos and and we heard the shouting the screen people so concerned. Yes the anxiety levels of people when you have these type incidents this raises to the highest level in any loud noise. From here forward throughout the day we'll calls reactions like this people just we'll start running when her allow buying or. A scaffold fall or some worker may be dropped something and makes it just allow banging noise increased this and it also could be. Other co conspirators with this situation. And at Lula active shooter so you can't eliminate. Anything now and in people pretty much it they're psychology of I'm not safe in this area it it causes you to run and do things hunker down and lawful through have to react to these. Types of O witness accounts that they heard loud noise they thought it might be shooting. Its leader that you don't all is if there real critical incidents happening. Throughout the day. And I want to get back to hear Thomas chief brown whose witness he's a senior justice correspondent because here you're here learning something that I knew from your sources. Yet again federal source that I spoke to had that name that senator Nelson gave us on the air but the source was cautioning that again. Early in these investigations. You have to take your time make sure that the person. That you haven't testing is. Actually the person that from the idea that you're looking in and two sources are now emphasizing that so far. They have not been given any clear. I deal with the motive. For the shooting was again these are people of directly communicating with. Folks down in Florida so it's still a various fluid situation. They're being very careful. To try to. Meticulously go through this investigation. Rundown this name. Again there will be multiple people with that that's sort of names so as you can imagine David it would take some time. Can make sure they have the actual person. That. They can make sure that they're looking at the actual shooter know exactly who that person is. And there are complete background the FBI. Homeland Security. Secret Service. Mobile law enforcement agencies checking. They are databases to see what they can find out. About this particular name again trying to match it with the individual in custody. Yes X using extreme care investigating the name federal sources are telling us which is why we are being careful of course that name is just one of the early. Early. Indicators of what's been a glean from that one military ID that they found on the suspect but as Brian Ross pointed out earlier so. As is often the case sometimes its military IDs or are stolen or purposely meant to throw off law enforcement in the early hours after an incident like.

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"A suspected shooter in custody has been identified as Esteban Santiago, according to law enforcement sources.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44606778","title":"Suspect Identified in Fatal Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport","url":"/US/video/suspect-identified-fatal-shooting-fort-lauderdale-airport-44606778"}