Tasty treats for your holiday parties

America's CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) Tim Laird shows us how to make martinis, cookies and snacks to spice up that holiday party!
4:22 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for Tasty treats for your holiday parties
It is always a challenge to find coming tasty and unique for your holiday table. It is Laurie America's CEO chief indicating officer Tim Laird joins us with something deliciously sweet and in the oldest in the pages of his new book. Suburban country cookbook that can also double as a Christmas gift from being gay group Babcock according kid. Morning absolutely a great gift for you it has wonderful recipes of everything we have here an ominous start off the holidays. With Mike crane in teeny this is a delicious cocktail. It starts out little shaker vice Illumina put in there about an ounce and a half of Findlay any vodka. They also make a cranberry and mango that actually would work with this recipe to if you want to flavors. Then just one ounce of lemonade goes in and two that two ounces of cranberry juice right now that's all there isn't it. The genes that hit him for a little bit more. And then it's holiday the rich yeah. Strain this. He glass and actually have a little bit rim of sugar I took a little lemon wedge and pollution. Good stuff on luck that goes strained into that martini glass like this. And then they garnish switch I love is very fast a little Rosemary spear with. Fresh cranberries on it. And I've made years. Without the Finley India so you have more cranberry lemonade. Then at nine seemed at Dell call a free versions will last but I absolutely big cheers she heard go to the holidays. Call light refreshing to ask all of yeah via quick and easy to make that's what I love about that cocktail. Now here's something fund that I always make around the holidays. It's my sweet and spicy pecans and it starts out very easy I've got an egg white in here that an exciting frost dot you don't have to give him a stiff peaks just out little frothy. To that about a cover sure goes in plateau have boat began. A tablespoon water numerous in this download it very easy and then. For spice about a teaspoon of cinnamon Ruth and then another teaspoon. Kosher salt. And then to give it a little camp which I love is about a half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper so you're more. And it's cinnamon and then you're gonna get a kick. We have stats kind and that it already smells good panel you smell that dog a similarly let me ask and that about a pound live. The cons go in. What you want to do. It's mixed these up that would put him out of a cookie sheet very very big Jim and here they come out cannot discern a little cups my guests and their wonderful and it makes a lot so what I do. For the holidays. I use it for gift giving a blue cars with the ball. And for those guests that are really nice in special have been good all you may actually give a little bit of wildwood for double over to his as a matter that bonus but immediately murdered right eight you're exactly right now. Everybody knows that Santa likes milk and cookies however. What about Santa's help her. Adult in the house that gets everything ready I that'll probably go to status help verdict starts out. A little bit of cocoa and to that about an ounce. Fervent well I'm a little bit more effort here and more announced and a half you know about this guy and then about a half thousands of peppermint. Should not so that gives a kind of government Mervyn cogo fair and experience with a little peppermint stick through. Bloom now you've got the alcohol free version that I bar just a little club government Sarah cheers. Or the holidays. All that's gonna make Santa over there yeah this addiction to apologize. Yeah. And it's at a regular cookies for Santa's helper I have. Burden. Speak didn't chocolate chip cookies say no. Thousands that I know that is I don't eat meat let's say no more easy recipe it's all in the government country cookbook so that is a real sweet treat an essay what neighbors go crazy over that I bet we just want the holiday the exact I think the other does better than permanent vacated chocolate editors this a lot of it all in one country. Her Linda bacon chocolate chip how many. Unbelievable wow thank you so much for her holiday you can find these and other decadent party ideas inside the pages of tends new look the Bergen country go but. Didn't we can't thank you enough for this bled to be here happy holiday happy holiday you're watching world news now.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"America's CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) Tim Laird shows us how to make martinis, cookies and snacks to spice up that holiday party!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59818206","title":"Tasty treats for your holiday parties","url":"/US/video/tasty-treats-holiday-parties-59818206"}