US Commuters Brace for Thanksgiving Winter Storm

Some areas on the East Coast could see a wintry mix while others could accumulate a foot of snow.
3:00 | 11/26/13

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Transcript for US Commuters Brace for Thanksgiving Winter Storm
This is a special room. I'm -- -- in New -- -- -- ABC news digital special report on -- Thanksgiving storm now moving toward the East Coast millions of travelers and those plans. Now in jeopardy here is just a bit of a preview of the storm moving toward the nation's busiest airports this. This -- Oil City, Pennsylvania getting slammed by twenty inches of snow. Lot of digging out there today and in Milwaukee travelers who tried to get an early start hoping to beat the storm. -- they got stuck. At the Milwaukee airport flights canceled and delayed and fortunately it is the same story across many airports today. ABC's -- -- -- in Washington watch. -- all of this play out again and obviously time in a storm could not be worse. That's only right of the storm behind me you see this picture dumped tons -- snow in the middle of the country it's now soaking the East Coast were expecting. Five inches of rain here up to five inches here in the capital area it's already dropped half a foot of rain. In parts of Mississippi. As you mentioned it's creating headaches for some of those 43 million travelers heading home for Thanksgiving. The holiday freeze his -- -- as civilian. -- -- -- The wintry storm now barreling up the East Coast bringing a nasty mix of rain snow wind and ice. Pretty slick and slick roads now a factor in at least a dozen deaths across the country in central Arkansas one woman was killed -- -- head on crash which she lost control of her car. From Georgia to Virginia today I sought peace -- and the highways but north and to Pennsylvania and new York road crews are preparing for snow. -- -- -- Triple -- 90% of travelers this week will drive in nearly 39 million will drive fifty miles or more. At the nation's busiest airports fliers face a potential travel nightmare to. Those are here click my heels three times and -- home. The freezing rain and wind making for icy plains and longer lines and those already congested runways. On the web site flight aware you can -- the misery today the greatest pain felt in Atlanta DC and New York. Then there's the cold. I tried -- -- much that can. A bitter winter blast from Florida to Wisconsin and Maine the frigid and sometimes treacherous conditions causing a rushed to stock up at the grocery store there's not much left Alan -- gun in a news I'm compliant with -- is -- I needed. Now there are winter weather advisory stand in thirteen states including here in Washington DC but a little bit of good news. Forecasters expect this storm to be fully out here just in time for Thanksgiving Day. OK well I guess if there's going to be a silver lining -- that the -- but what are the conditions right now ITC's airport. Or -- started -- we were just outside a few minutes ago it started to get nasty here in DC so far at last check the airports things are. Doing OK so far though we've learned that actor Reagan national just outside. IDC here over Dallas in Virginia they've laid down their first. A check of the boards across the country about 57 cancellations. So far today 200 delays a modest number but it's expected to get much worse. And you know that's kind of the seriousness of it but the same time ever was looking to wait to see if there's going to be any glitch in the Thanksgiving Day parade of course Macy's -- Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City. Right that's right if you're there -- New York you you like to go to and all of us around the country like to watch it. The thing is is that once this front moves through as we said by you know by Thursday morning behind it are going to be -- really strong winds -- forecasters in New York City we could see. Up to 1520 mile an hour steady winds gusts of 35 to forty. The catch there is that the city rules prohibit. Separate from taking place with those giant balloons if there's. -- steady wind of 23 miles an hour or higher gusts of 35 so weather watchers can be closely looking at that we engage on Thursday morning and officials. At separate say they may have to cancel. The not necessarily the parade but the floating of those giant balloons if the winds are too bad it was they -- Safety first say that's right first though right that's that's that's how we roll here that's right thing that happened to -- -- -- DC Devin thank you for that thanks of course they're right here with -- the latest as that storm is making its way across the east. And on Dan that's -- New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21018828,"title":"US Commuters Brace for Thanksgiving Winter Storm","duration":"3:00","description":"Some areas on the East Coast could see a wintry mix while others could accumulate a foot of snow.","url":"/US/video/thanksgiving-travel-weather-report-2013-us-commuters-brace-21018828","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}