Thomas fire leaves Ventura County neighborhood almost deserted

Four large wildfires in Southern California have forced more than 180,000 people to evacuate, including almost all the residents on one Ventura County street.
12:37 | 12/07/17

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Transcript for Thomas fire leaves Ventura County neighborhood almost deserted
Hi Libby is met here we're in centric county today at the Thomas fire now this was one of the first to start he first Monday. It certainly is a fifty acre brushfire and rapidly grew now here Thursday firefighters still battling it. I'm in the neighborhood that has been evacuated so I have not seen many residents here I've seen firemen. And I had seen just a few people and did show you some of the destruction that has left this neighborhood aid. Destroyed many homes to support it and I'm still standing and it. History here what. We're. Getting it wrong he in the area when. Where Torre back in the eastern. The one two inches deep to protect his. Ice and other global and her child. Eight that it had. As leaving it. It's hard inter. And people with Klein and the US. A. Now again essar is at fifty acre brushfire. In the foothills. And it rapidly grew to 101000 acres in just four hours a breach but the lower east. It had swelled over and out acres my name and the Great. Britain eating through what. And again this part. The neighborhood. 50000 people under mandatory evacuation and. And the Thomas fired now in Ventura county got about 88000. Residents had to exactly. And again I'm Tiki want to tour here of one of those neighborhoods where people did it most people have less. Some somehow see behind week's hotline. He was guarding home. But other places like S. That man's homeless outstanding other places completely straight and eight Olympic closer view two vehicles like thanks to you you're not only seeing homes destroyed. But you're seen vehicles. Beat me. Burns has the driving here today from Los Angeles county. What it looked like with wine and Jardine class polluted lingering over the hill a dark cloud. And it didn't look like it was moving at all just settling over the health update appeared like. The air grabbing smoker smokes here as you approach venture. In this Seaver had now I have seen them ash and some. Smoke but I have not seen any flames here. Firefighters here had said. What they Wear those angry about in the area art that embers will. Ignite clean homes that have not been burned so they're wary that an urban area cross between again be seen in the wings. That are causing east brush fires to groups so rapidly in its stride in California. The firemen or firefighters. McIntyre and our concern Amber's we'll go into the heat. Street in front and in the eaves and is the small anchors he wouldn't eat and as. Crossing over. Here at the mother. Firefighters are working. And this gentleman in the white car drove by pundit Karen camera that they as well that. Ebert coming to you survey delayed when of their friends had a home here. And they received it could salvage anything from the room and across Southern California there are. I'm 5000 firefighters battling the wildfires would. It takes you back up that health where we'll see even more. Destruction. And again is BC inning and the winds that come down. That are so it dean dress speech to leading to these fires. And they're expected to continue fanning the flames into today. The weather also happy and proper eating. Hundreds officials are really trying to contain me fires across the region. Accretive National Weather Service. Sustained winds were gusting up to 66 miles an hour. In parts adventure Tony and they could go up to eight miles per hour. As of this morning. And again those. In fat content and embers just rat then that's probably caused homes to happen any Aggie team that it. But. We're seeing a lot of the plant life destroyed. Trees destroyed cars homes. It is here. The street and who are fine. Think you're seeing real contrast between. One that have been just what went what. Not in touch. What. What. What that Thomas Mayer was the first of these fires in Southern California it's our Hebert about 96000. Acres of land. And the winds are expected few intensify and is he heat on the street here. Were you just go house to house on the plus side. And they're they're already. Damaged. What. Officials are urging actor and he's being. He informed. Protect your social media and Catholic your local fires each and is it if there's any points or evacuation at your local fires each and definitely does the searching for that information. In news reports. Because officials say the most important thing of course your safety and to me during you get out on time with. Also if you are in areas that are experiencing. Smoke right now but officials are also seeing is careful. Be careful with yourself how you knew they ate feed them to any expensive. I'm exercise. If you're in a smoky. Area outside or even inside because the smoke could get aids here house. And it's not good for your lungs. Just being careful. With an eastern activity price twelve string activity. I think some people across the country might be thinking. You know at this seems late in the season but talking to you firefighters history in officials. Not really you know this is expected here in Southern California where Italy and is so dry over the wings in the winds are so strong this is expected. And it's unfortunate that. That's just how things have been we wrap this Sylmar. Fire yesterday the creek fire also went TU of the screw wildfire near Bel Air. Talking to officials there. They were saying it's about you know the fire season now 365. Days a year even. Used have to be on alert depending. And how the drugs and hanging on the land on all the weather. So I did. Speak to some people to leaving him had said they were friction after homeless okay. And again the one gentlemen we spoke to who did not want to evacuate with staying to guard his home. I'm head in his home hadn't been taxed. But we asked him instead of you what would you do you have. There were plenty you think you could protect the home. And she wasn't so sure. But some people just don't want to leave although officials say he do you have an evacuation order. The deepest thing you can do is tell me if. There's more to 181000. Hearse now. 400 fire engines hybrids out here and adhere for the Thomas. There are many resources should be fires. Where major fires across California. Earlier she was afraid officials were dealing at. A smaller when his campaign you know which was recorded statement to protect teen to break the California department. Forestry and fire protection. And there are more than 151000. Structures threatened as while. Residential structures have industry due to the fires. Name yesterday in Sylmar I spoke with the fire captain air and heat that. Document image and likeness and I what are the options for people. There's really mostly commonly two options one make of Steve in your friends are tutored shelter is back take them and and again panic that some people really in. Heat of insurance. And their policies and what's covered. And that's officials are also urging people Hugh in part and you know stay protected. What. You. Seat edge there. What were. Oh. It. A. Okay from our our information and you can find everything. Online And make sure you check out our fees paid to. And again if you are keen is no longer here concerned pictured gentlemen you're right we didn't immediately informed the watching your reports. And washed and used. And it touches your neighbors I think you so much for watching and again he's come from or what.

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{"id":51651662,"title":"Thomas fire leaves Ventura County neighborhood almost deserted","duration":"12:37","description":"Four large wildfires in Southern California have forced more than 180,000 people to evacuate, including almost all the residents on one Ventura County street. ","url":"/US/video/thomas-fire-leaves-ventura-county-neighborhood-deserted-51651662","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}