Tiger Woods car crash update

Woods showed no signs of impairment at the time of the crash, officials said.
8:35 | 04/07/21

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Transcript for Tiger Woods car crash update
We wanted to show you this moment from a press conference. But the LA county sheriff's op is just moments ago where they revealed the cause. A Tiger Woods is crash let's listen. He's done a good morning everyone who in the hall of justice. Its headquarters the only kind of sheriff's varmus. I'm. Nation rare in this traffic collision involving a Tiger Woods and we're here do follow through on that promise. And assure with what we've learned regarding the collision there occurred on favored to point third in Rolling Hills Estates. And as a citizen the other crash we're thankful that this. Did he survive this tragic collision. Not like to point out that tire wood has represented is have been very cooperative throughout this investigative process. And it also provides for the permission. To share these findings with the U and for the record. Under section two zeros or one to the California vehicle code. The repair pair. Every year throughout LA county and no one's asking for any of those reports. And so this is treated no differently. The primary causal factor for this traffic collision was driving his feet unsafe for the road conditions and the inability to negotiate the curve of the roadway. Estimated speed at the first area of impact were 84 to 87 miles per hour in the final estimated speed. When the vehicle struck the tree with 75 miles per hour they were not citations issued and there are no signs an interment. Now I know there's some saying somehow he received a special Europe preferential treatment and you some kind that is absolutely false. There was no signs of impairment our primary concern once we obviously at the C in the collision was his is safety. And this is where you you have to switch gears and make sure that person can survive in the receives a medical care they need and party current paramedics that's right is taken to a trauma center because he I was hit compound fracture to allay again it was life threatening injuries so. I know there is. Lot of experts. Who claim they're a drug reckon X and people so they should have done drawn bloated done this or done that. And without the signs of impairment we don't get to the point where we can actually offers search warrant and develop the probable cause to get there and execute that search warrant so that did not happen in the has not preferential treatment. That would occur at any collision of this type base on the circumstances. And past history does not get you the elements you need establish their probable cause so. I'll leave it at that so now let me introduce Jim powers to the captain of Alameda sheriff's that. Thank you sheriff. Think you're having here. Good morning. I'm here to discuss the it did some of the details of the traffic collision occurred. On a Tuesday February 23 this year that a property 7:12 in the morning and hopper boulevard in the city of Rolling Hills Estates involving mr. Tiger Woods. I'd like to first introduce the deputies were involved in this investigation. The first responding deputies that he Carlos Gonzales who's to my right. Also deputy justice Smith who is involved in the investigation after the fact and to lead investigator detective Gil hunch local. And then Sargent Michael Dowling downing from traffic services bureau. Was involved in the evaluation of the the data recorder the vehicle. So upon our arrival. When mr. woods was involved in the collision we responded the vehicles off the roadway and on its side. Mr. woods was still inside the vehicle his seat belt will still warned in the air bags have deployed. Mr. wood appeared injured based on his appearance in to prevent further injury. We waited for the paramedics to arrive to remove him from the vehicle. And transport to the hop tries transport him to the hospital. There should be a slide of an aerial view the the median is depicted on the slide where the first Garrett impact was. There's a sign on the median that was the second area of impact which is depicted by red dots. And then the third area of impact was on the west curved. On the opposite side of harper boulevard. And then the fourth pair of impact was a tree. West of the curb. On the off the roadway properly settle at 71 feet. And the blue dot that's indicated there's what were the point of breasts were the vehicle was. The impact of the vehicle when he hit the tree causing vehicle to go airborne and US somewhat caraway. Lanny in on its side. The follow up investigation after the fact as a sheriff indicated there was no evidence of any impairment. There is no odor of alcohol. There are no open containers in the vehicle. And there are no narcotics or any evidence of medication. In the vehicle or on his person. In this situation the question was asked about that we conduct field sobriety tests. Due to his injuries in the traumatic. Nature of his injuries it would not be appropriate to do any type of field sobriety test. I will say that Tiger Woods and his management team had been in communication with us and have been throughout this entire event in a cooperate with. Any of our follow up investigation questions and responded to any of our questions. And or concerns. The event data recorder. Was. In it was in investigated gained on March 1. Wien we examined that data recorder. After obtaining a search warrant. There was signed by judge Tony chill of the torch courthouse. There's an airbag control unit of the data recorder that showed information that we describe is event one. In a bit too and a combination of event one and two. Those events are areas of impact that was recorded by the recorder. The air bags were deployed in each event shows up 52 window. And the combination of both events shill he set a 72 window prior to the collision and up to the collision. The event data recorder showed speeds ranged from 82 point 02 miles per hour. 286 point 99 miles per hour and back down to 68 point 35 miles per hour. A second reading out this event data recorder is the acceleration pedal percentage. Which is. The pressure applied to the accelerator pedal. During the collision. This management was at 99%. At the area of impact it out all the area of it impacts of the collision. The data recorder also recorded breaking there was no evidence of breaking throughout this collision. It is speculated to believe that Tiger Woods inadvertently hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal causing 99% rating on the accelerator pedal. Stirring it was also recorded. And it ranged from minus ten to 55. And this is on a 306 degrees circular model so it indicates that strain was made from the left into the right. And it's believed that. This could be from trying to correct from the impacts. And also the impacts itself throughout the collision. Again the estimated speeds of impact or 84 to 87 miles per hour the median. 84. And sit and then it the impact to the west curb line it's estimated that speed was about Sydney five miles per hour. And these are estimated speeds based on the recordings from the data recorder. The cause the collision. Is determined by the statements of the parties involved. Any independent witnesses. Facts of the scene in roadway and the opinions of the traffic investigators. There are no independent witnesses of this collision. And the primary cause was tried at a speed unsafe for the road conditions. And the inability and a cape to negotiate the curve of the roadway. No citation was issued and there were no independent voices and no observations by peace officer which would support the issue it issuance of a citation. And he. That's all I have.

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{"duration":"8:35","description":"Woods showed no signs of impairment at the time of the crash, officials said. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76927126","title":"Tiger Woods car crash update","url":"/US/video/tiger-woods-car-crash-update-76927126"}