Tim Cook on what it takes to work at Apple

The media giant’s CEO spoke to ABC News on what he looks for in employees.
2:56 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for Tim Cook on what it takes to work at Apple
Well we are in terms of general scales were looking for curiosity. Because we think curious people begin to to think differently about the world in and how to change the world. And look at problems out of not the classic limbs but look at the problem in a different why. And are more likely to be able to solve a really complex terrible the issues. Sue Milliken curiosity. Where obviously looking it would be great leadership great collaboration skills. You think about all the different functions that are here. The people that will do the best or people that can work horizontally. People that are great on teams people that view that one plus one is equal authority. And not to recount there were to. In some ways. It's a great problem. For odds you think about there are many countries in the world have the opposite. Where they have so many more people jobs. And so it is a good thing but what we've got to do I think as a country and as the company more look on a smaller scale company. Is to match people to jobs. And that generally means refrain. And apple is really taken a key role. In this in the coding error. Because one of this field the troops. Supplier or software engineers are program for people. And it's that we've gone out to the community college system including this one here locally. The Boston system. And they were they were actually among the very horror to adopt the swift curriculum in the community health system. And and so we were really thrilled to work with them on that it it introduces adults. Or. Kids graduating with first to clothing. And in a way. Makes it really come to life in by the end of the curriculum they can write apps will be out. We're here moment. Degree to work. It's not true. If you look at our population over 50% of them did not go to work or school. 50%. Scores. And so there's lots there are lots of job opportunities. Or people that don't have four year degrees the Kia skill. Not degrade. There could be as CEO. In the future. There's been one in the past that didn't have a four year there certificate ride. And so I got every a lot of they're a lot of drug that's out there and you know it's not we don't check it at the door kind of thing we we want we want Clinton but skill what can you contribute. And not show meet the thing on your wall.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"The media giant’s CEO spoke to ABC News on what he looks for in employees.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67183172","title":"Tim Cook on what it takes to work at Apple","url":"/US/video/tim-cook-takes-work-apple-67183172"}