Voices in 'Let It Fall' explain why they spoke out for 25th anniversary of L.A. riots

They spoke emotionally in 2017 about race, the police, and the uprising in the documentary "Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992."
7:31 | 04/28/17

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Transcript for Voices in 'Let It Fall' explain why they spoke out for 25th anniversary of L.A. riots
And the hope there's something change. And hope and dad. More people did. Lowry of sickness there thinking Carlo says turn angry blind people. And and you know acknowledged weren not just making things up Denton. This is a real problem wing colleagues he'd given our young bright Meehan has been killed dozens every Tomas and relieved. They get sucked in my happened to is something other person might disarm them incredible least. I don't want to be fearful of the police in. Kids think is important to be able to keep on bringing the story. There are other rides throughout the country also. Because all the stuff that's going on again. Excuse which keeps on very and it's ugly. And they don't understand what police need to do to control situation. I don't know what the answers but. I would like people to do. Trying to understand replacement abstinence survive if not we don't want to trade what for want we put our lives in jeopardy trial. Most of us. Out there because we want to help society. And help of people who can't help themselves. I think for me. To be able sit in this chair. And talk about some of the things happen. Two in the riots is a little bit therapeutic for me. Think there's a lot of allow things. And inside. Mean. I happened neighborhood talk about it yeah. So for me an oasis therapeutic. In another way act I homes some sort of way. Then. Getting people to understand that as a black man. As a firefighter. As are prior reserve officer I understand. The spectrum it was not like. I don't feel the same thing that those that this some of the folks and and in a six influence in army bells. It's not like I don't feel some that some anger worth regard to some that things that are going on today. With regard to shooting a black man unarmed black man. But what I do know. Is that when we act out in the way that they did it the rise. And other and other similar places throughout the country when we do those kind of things we only hurt ourselves. We only hurt our own communities. And we make a life more typical for ourselves. I still think about weapons from torn by his go all the obvious. I'm okay chicken awful. Nightmare. Probably wouldn't risk my life history in my heart people know there's still give people it is the world. Because they don't collapse there about black and white mask hands sprint has a look at originated in human being you. Illinois truckers. Have an electric guitar Lebanese help help mile. New homes. Only don't hello. I've shared my story now because everybody has an important story. Whether they lifting yet they will at some point. There important story I happen to be April 29. 1992. 3 o'clock in the afternoon in. It's important because people need to feel that they have the power to do it feels right to do and that's kind attic closet. Or. What ever that make thing is then. That's what it's part. It's. Lesson yet it does bother me that I guess that people don't know what the Russians are written because it was attending. On big event that happened in the CD and so many lives are affected by and I do feel a sense responsibility to this. Remind people are teach people and out what happened during that time. So I do feel that obligation attacks or any remorse. Musty from my mom and dad action because I know it's important for than two keep the story lying about the riots and my friend Eric. Wide right by her side right. I've asked myself that there's been a lot of lot of speculation asked you. What I see or when do you don't want acts on what it felt that to you. Sane. To express my feelings part of his it's getting out for me part of it is that. Did want to bring us back up again and it's probably time to. Talk about not talking about expressing. Some parts of art does. I'm doing the. I just wanted people know. You know that we were just. White racists. That wanted to do find almost police officers innocent. Because. If they are felt they would broke the law I would have guilty and a second. So I will under the people who know. And yeah. I before on that the jurors are on that trial. We're human beings. And we were just doing a pass that we couldn't. As I grew older I kept me just monitors all. As Rodney King said let's all get along. And that's what I am I wanted everybody to. Just. Not have this prejudice. Get along with no matter what race you. What background you. That's why when it. Wanted to do this interview wanted to let people know. Or. Are all human beings. Trying to do. The right thing. Or. That we don't make a change together and it won't have a change and the same exact thing. Will keep happening all over and over and altering cans. So you have to stop thinking what can we do to turn it tables and make this all eve. If you get pissed off about written on any given piece you should be pissed off by. Rodney King it and he should be have to sank saw the same. Anger. About bowl for the Meehan again Pete probably four. Idiotic reasons. And dancing yourself. What can I do to make this better. Because if we don't stand up together. With Arnold faulty fighting constantly. If we're do you fight we have enough. Vikings take away. So that's my thoughts on it then why don't we all get together and make something we have the youth.

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{"duration":"7:31","description":"They spoke emotionally in 2017 about race, the police, and the uprising in the documentary \"Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"47037791","title":"Voices in 'Let It Fall' explain why they spoke out for 25th anniversary of L.A. riots","url":"/US/video/told-story-voices-fall-explain-theyre-speaking-now-47037791"}