Transgender troop limitation

The Pentagon announced a new policy that limits service members to their birth gender.
3:00 | 03/13/19

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Transcript for Transgender troop limitation
We go now to the Pentagon. We're today the Pentagon officials are rolling out its new policy on trans gender troops which largely limits service of trends injure people in uniform. Our Elizabeth McLaughlin is at the Pentagon with the latest haul Elizabeth what's the latest there. Hi Aaron so we've been tracking this story for just about two years now since president trump first weeded. In the summer 2017 that he wanted to ban trans gender service members. That really set off a string of court challenges last month the Supreme Court decided. That Aiken -- had their deep in that Department of Defense could go ahead with the policy. But there was one court lacked. They had an injunction against the ban that was removed last week and so here we have today. The new policy that won't go into a fact. On April 12. It's very complicated but here's what you really need to know if he were currently serving transgender service member. DUD is going to try to grandfather you in a however if you are transgender you've received hormone therapy. Mean even a gender reassignment surgery he would be banned from enlisting or joining the military in any capacity. At I just got off a call with summit defense officials who say this is not a ban this is about gender just Laurie and not being transgender. I'm but the definition of gender just Korea is that you have any I'd at a collision in between your birth. Gender and your preferred gender how you identify. And so it's hard to imagine that they is not a ban on and I'm currently serving transgender service members and those that may want to join the military at some point. It was a certainly that the Pentagon has its position the White House is in and ultimately the courts will decide. What is sense of the rank and file in the middle military what's been their response what's what's the mood in the military now based on this. These changes. You know we've ABC is talked to several transgender service members who has transition and are currently serving and and just want to. Be able to serve their country in go to work every day. I'm feeling that they are ads they book as being you know identify. But what's really important here is that these service chiefs of the army needy. Air force and Marine Corps have all testified before congress. That transgender service members have not in any way impeded. I unit cohesion. And the way that I our troops do their jobs overseas. There was a remarkable hearing and in capital held several weeks ago. Where active duty transgender service members testify. And talked about their deployments oversee if the work that they are doing they say. My fell its us service members don't care that I'm transgender that they say that it has an impact did the work that they do in the military. And so I think we will continue to see challenges to this decision but right now at the department is proceeding and its new policy will go into effect on April 12. It was a technical often at the Pentagon was to thank you so very much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The Pentagon announced a new policy that limits service members to their birth gender. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61657506","title":"Transgender troop limitation","url":"/US/video/transgender-troop-limitation-61657506"}