Travelers return to paradise in Hawaii

ABC News’ Kaylee Hartung travels to Hawaii as it looks to boost its economy, lifting restrictions to allow more tourists to enter the state if they test negative for COVID-19.
4:22 | 10/17/20

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Transcript for Travelers return to paradise in Hawaii
As the colder months approach are thinking about travel and just how practical and safe it might be to take a trip as the pandemic rages on but the other challenges look to you pick a destination there could be. Restrictions just to get there. Hawaii is just removes some of there is an 8000 vacationers touched down as they began to reopen Caylee hard time tells us what we need to know to get away. In a time of covad. Yeah. Hawaii he's seeing a little high yeah. Thousands of tourists for the first time in nearly seven months. We just couldn't stay closed a longer when people were suffering. He wants or numbers are hospitalized patients are jumped 70% on the doctor otherwise. But it devastated us so it's very exciting to see these people come back. Hello pot it's aloha. Sure look up the lush tropical paradise known for its pristine beaches and world class surfing. He suffered the worst economic fallout of any state in the country following the corona virus but they are committed to bringing tourism back. Our occupancy has been zero. Functional zero OK so we will open up in stages will bring people back in stages. And we don't wanna go to pass. Misty now lifting the mandatory fourteen day quarantine with what important qualification apartment part of Morocco. I'm not give covic text must be taken within 72 hours of your flight. With the help of some airlines and select list of testing partners. Finding an approved test indicating your results in time can be harder than it sounds it would it. 72 hours time bring even docks packing antibody test they wouldn't. There were even said he hasn't made the stop sign in front the money Kelli. Performing you actually had to pay for your test can't pay 230 pounds per contest but we're back costs. It was an aren't they. I had had a thing that has also earned run of these cars in your mind the first flights coming just Giuliani. Without warranty now you've clearly had the dates circled on the calendar did. This state will only accept test results from a limited list of trusted testing and travel partners. I need an appointment at this CBS in Los Angeles with no gearing TI get my results before take off. Thankfully they came made flight some airlines like Hawaiian in united streamlining the process for their customers and select West Coast cities. Offering test at the airport just before take off. It's critically important to the economy of our state. That we restart tourism which is really economic engine of our state and we got to do it safely in a way that keeps our communities safe keeps our guests and our industry workers safe and so we're working incredibly heart along with all of our colleagues in upstate and in the visitor industry make sure that we're not just reopening reopening safely for every -- passengers. Each created online profile including health questionnaire. Upon arrival on the dialing it's validate exist. Really efficiently in one of the reasons why am telling them where people are showing up when they're pretty tests completed did not follow instructions and upload their information. Touching its them. British hope for people. These individuals supporting why will make that difference there will be able to get back on track. These iconic beaches a dead deserted many storefronts shuttered some hotels just don't completely. And it's not just from touts its activities it's restaurants at three channel I mean. We have built an empire of great hospitality here in Hawaii and it's been very hard to see that we there. But now government officials of local businesses are hoping this program we'll freaky island is back to life. We are gonna grow that. The beauty back here and be able to share again with the world what makes Hawaii so special work cited this. To be open and excited says say aloha again to the world. Lindsay see this famous stretch of Waikiki Beach basically empty. Locals tell me guys typically unheard some hotels behind me they're still close. Some of the still friends along this main drag he just reopened yesterday. Why is taking the first step on a long road to economic recovery for this state but the doors they are open. It's a dozen patients and some planning to get here that we had been welcomed with the warmest smiles behind the masks. Lindsay. Haley you have a lucky duck getting that assignment our thanks to her for that.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"ABC News’ Kaylee Hartung travels to Hawaii as it looks to boost its economy, lifting restrictions to allow more tourists to enter the state if they test negative for COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73666490","title":"Travelers return to paradise in Hawaii","url":"/US/video/travelers-return-paradise-hawaii-73666490"}