Could US block Tik Tok?

ABC News contributor Steven Ganyard discusses the U.S. considering a ban of the social media platform Tik Tok over concerns about privacy and data collection.
3:37 | 07/08/20

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Transcript for Could US block Tik Tok?
Chinese face social media haptic topsy is back in the headlines president trump confirms in the United States is now considering banning nap in an interview with gray television. Tick talk has more than a billion users worldwide and a 175. Million downloads in the US. The F has been controversial for its origins in China and for its alleged intrusive data collection policies but. That hasn't slowed down its rising popularity votes here and abroad joining us now ABC news contributor Steve Dan you're who served as a former deputy assistant secretary of state thanks so much for joining us tonight. Thanks several civil tick tock is just an app where we're teens and a handful of older folks record videos of themselves dancing so it's how goes from that. To a potential national security threat is there a real danger here. Yeah I wonder once cyber security expert described tick tock as a data collection at masquerading as a social media app and went so far as to call it outright evil. So with tick tock collects everything on your phone everything about the hardware who you talk to when you talk to them. Where were you go on web sites. Everything that's on that phone to include where you are every thirty seconds. Is encrypted and sent somewhere back to that companies had company's headquarters. And because we know that by law Chinese companies which tick tock is. Have to cooperate with Chinese intelligence services. There's real concern around the world not just in the US the tick tock can be a tool of the Chinese Government. On Capitol Hill you have bipartisan support they do these are strange bait bedfellows mr. Schumer. And then mr. cotton who are together calling for investigation tick tock. Saying that they're worried that they could be something to be used by the Chinese Government in the same way that the Russians in 2016. Tried to influence the US presidential election. Is still likely honest fight here in just asked is this something that you do not have on your phone or that you would mourn a family member from having. I had my some my children do have and I've bomb that will talk with them about what kind of data they're giving up we know the lots of apps actually view you have to give up data if if an app that's free one way you're gonna pay for your they're gonna put money down towards it or you're going to give them your personal data. But in this case because we know that they gained hostile intelligence agency hostile the United States. Hustle till Australia. And India even just kicked at the the app out of India 600 million users. In Osce and not India no longer have that out and take topple lose six billion dollars in revenue class so it's a global phenomenon but it means that you have to give up lots of information. And you're giving it up to the Chinese intelligence services. So with so many users here in the US is the damage already done when it comes to data collection and in do you see any free speech concerns would banning a social media apple in this. Yes some people are gonna say look I'll do whatever I want it's my personal data and they are rated you know odds to teach their own and if they wanna give up their personal data certainly they can't but I think that there's going to be pressure because there is bipartisan support. On the hill to rain this happy in. And limit the amount of information that at least goes back to China. And make sure that there is some sort of privacy on people's personal use. It's it's something that's scary after the 2016. Election. When we saw the Russians use social media to try and upset the election Ord would swing the election. In certain ways so it's scary people are worried about it because of its power and spend down when it's so many times there is so popular. Many people certainly rethinking those viral dances tonight Steve Gainer. Thank you as always for your expertise.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"ABC News contributor Steven Ganyard discusses the U.S. considering a ban of the social media platform Tik Tok over concerns about privacy and data collection.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71660363","title":"Could US block Tik Tok?","url":"/US/video/us-block-tik-tok-71660363"}