US points finger at Saudi prince in Jamal Khashoggi’s murder

The US intelligence community concluded that the Saudi crown prince approved operations to “capture and kill” journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
9:30 | 02/26/21

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Transcript for US points finger at Saudi prince in Jamal Khashoggi’s murder
We have breaking news this afternoon the Director of National Intelligence has released a report concluding that Saudi Arabia's crown prince Mohammad and some on top problem. The assassination of Washington Post columnist mark judging in 28 team the report bases. As its assessment. On the crown prince's control over decision making in the kingdom the involvement of key members. In the crown prince's team and his support for using violent measures to silence dissidents like judges. So let's get right to senior foreign correspondent Ian panel and ABC news contributor minimal Roy who was deputy assistant secretary of defense. When can show me. Was killed a gentlemen thank you both for being here in I'll start with you this report confirms almost a suspect in for more than a year now how strong. In the evidence against the crown prince and what happens now. I can assure answers we didn't do you know bruises be reviewed and two weeks until he's no more anything a man smoking gun in this change some of these communities and radius axle and we didn't see who else always. That I saw Americans aren't exactly ready to defect to me. Sachs and global didn't. He's had supply chain are all killed two mouse show tunes can children 28 TS. Consulate as an example always better police outside this is nice and sweet story after story about how and those who lives Buddha he left to us that is a good man and it just has had to leave and it's Sotheby's yeah occupancy that it missed. That beam and socialization. Do we colon all news. Because he's certainly a long hot car seats rule runs countries whose authoritarian cents a mean all decisions are made. It is. Cease principally Mohammed Gonzales announces addition to being as usual. Administration. We pulled its punches. Nazi ideology so a lot of critics Washington arsenal leash. Most of them say and this is an ambience you because of their close relationship doesn't rely on a specific deals in currency Angela. Are also reiterated these days and is assessments that and he adds I'm in Arkansas. The assassination. That he is still an assessment. If there's no evidence. To unload your Gordon Campbell's ocean parents Siemens. When mayor Gloria you the top pending an official overseeing the Middle East at the time of conserved his assassination I can't imagine how challenging it must've been. To try to investigate this. Understand its implications for our relations with Saudi Arabia as it was your reaction seemed this report today. Oh like many. I don't think it was a surprise. We had seen almost immediately after. You can show you killed them all in October a lot to go making. Media reports that the ID. An almost immediately determined that. Why. India lunch likely be improved combine or so. I'm I don't think it's why I do think it indicated that this administration is going to take a different. Our perspective when it comes to US Saudi relationship at least at an especially. Differently. Law Mohammed in Almonte. Thank you question. Saudi Arabia is and always will be an important partner the united speech and our national security interest in the Middle East. I think he by the administration has made it clear that won't change I think it should specifically about. Op. TV get our policy that are coming out of the State Department today. Regarding these foods and Treasury Department regarding sanctions I think that is where he urged. These are going to be focused in should be. And in president Biden spoke with king some on a Saudi Arabia yesterday ahead of the release of this report each. Let us Press Secretary wouldn't say directly if Biden brought up could show you during that call. When do we know about their conversation. Yeah rises in Milton and Orleans loses this is very very racist he continued to create and keep the United States in the Middle East are a number of reasons. Withers to wrap up its energy. I was criticism it's the region's is that they should she's new BC. He. Wants and that they tried to stress seemed to respecting human rights Reese leased. Hardly. Sort of high profile and Mal to me is how. In prison news Arabia. Yeah just being alone and human rights organizations are released a demonstration didn't supply. Certainly are public so we can hear and this is on the administration's. Desire for releasing is seeking sex in that direction. To mean the and a little in the days at least you where this is a political readjustment of Coles stake mocking. If you call countries are concerned that schools takes us loans on its hot seat and relationship changes in fashion and our citizens to submit to ask this if you should invest in congress. Are hearing X. You remember the cooler took place. Shorty whose life settlement companies is beating Wall Street bonuses and companies to call us and Borland didn't that's that's what this opportunity and in the same pressure. Adams and students Zulu and digital and social is rude and an idiot and its relationship the administration is going to be typical. I think the problem can be then used. And me can you elaborate on that relationship little bit between the US and Saudi Arabian now. That president Biden took office how has it change and how do you see it evolving. So. Autonomy Obama administration an intra administration the US military provided poor outing on coalition yeah it cleaner air can't. That support what is owed. Odd coincidence held in side by side coaching on how to conduct air campaign and and we want to air. So appealing and aircraft went in did. Law. Two the only remaining things that the US military it was the intelligence. And the other side by side that is went the Biden administration. I'm ended. The other thing it and it is actually not that aren't so good about the current department that it shall. Law and ammunition Saudi Arabia now that was curtailed somewhat. While we are pork that's. But dual role of point Saudi Arabian Sea and the ability of the region huge key in our efforts against her on the memo line activity in the region. And hopefully getting back to me. Another nuclear agreement that we can all region. Law tale they are a nuclear weapon Saudi Arabia at the choir and all the and it is getting a key country that Bob Kennedy and his age is not going to change that much I think most of what will change will be a relationship. With a cropper. And make a Magid switch to another important development that last night president Biden ordered. Source military action as president air strike a target Iranian backed militia groups in Syria believed to be responsible for the attack on a coalition base in Iraq. Last week. A sources saying the president chose the least lethal option so what do these strikes designer comes what are they tell you. Pursue way they were authorized legally. About the Biden approach to that thorny problem series. So I had to solitary I don't know whether he picked. At least significant are not but I would say. Bob eventually should doing it area. Always Smart because. Like any activities that we did in Iraq. Who could call Vichy government of Iraq America and politically off politely completion are quite mark. To do be retaliation. Board the aipac and mobile which killed an American injured nitty. Others. Oh in Syria prevents that political wall acted. Like they don't want to. The other significant thing is it shows the Biden administration. Is not going to take these attacks why Iranian backed militias. Mom lying down the street. They are going to respond and at that is important because they need to understand that there are consequences of their actions in quite frankly. Iran and need to understand that they cannot hide behind her car he forces. Law an attack the United States. Weren't in panel and Mick Lawler a great to have you both thank you.

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{"duration":"9:30","description":"The US intelligence community concluded that the Saudi crown prince approved operations to “capture and kill” journalist Jamal Khashoggi.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76144834","title":"US points finger at Saudi prince in Jamal Khashoggi’s murder","url":"/US/video/us-points-finger-saudi-prince-jamal-khashoggis-murder-76144834"}