Violent tornado delivers direct damage to Missouri, kills three

A tornado touched down in Jefferson City, Missouri's capitol, leaving catastrophic damage.
2:27 | 05/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Violent tornado delivers direct damage to Missouri, kills three
And last night a violent tornado touchdown in Jefferson City, Missouri. And while there were no fatalities they did a lot of damage so want to go to Sierra mosque there donor. At KM IZTV in Jefferson City, Missouri for a closer look Sarah. They generally or here at Jefferson its eight monitoring this storm damage after last night's tornado. Picked through the air act as you can see act standing next to the Y and see it right out the entire. Theater lock wall. It. Broke. They clicked Clark up here just so everybody can beast ate. And really start making repairs ache the cleanup begins here after last night's tornado just devastated the area were also I would've eaten most. Damaged areas this. Lots or apartments he actually blocked off his right now it fixed recently I'd say nobody should be in there. There are pregnant to keep trying to get down here to their homes but of course many of them do not have a home to get back to at this point. Manny at these apartments behind me are. We got it it is in the law enforcement from the money here area hall county asked worst wind here. Tried to make short ever since it will be want everybody needs eight an air try to make sure that everybody out of that area. Right now there are no reported fatalities. At least twenty injuries that we ballot so far. At this point you're just trying to make here. Everybody. Getting out lately and future. That they are able to get to where they eat well and there's shelters available as well for anybody eat them of course you eat. Strike at their homes point trying to get packed them registered. Memories will continue monitoring all of this storm damage your Jack or since its ongoing process. With people coming together and misery community is Barry straw. Everybody wants to make sure that after all of this and it after all of this came here in Jefferson City that people can start to recover and come together as a community to make sure that they are becoming something. Even fatter than what they lost. Reporting in Jefferson City Serran asked don't our he BC seventeen news.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"A tornado touched down in Jefferson City, Missouri's capitol, leaving catastrophic damage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63231152","title":"Violent tornado delivers direct damage to Missouri, kills three","url":"/US/video/violent-tornado-delivers-direct-damage-missouri-kills-63231152"}