Your voice: Why we join the Women's March

People from across the country share why they are choosing to be part of the third annual Women's March.
3:27 | 01/18/19

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Transcript for Your voice: Why we join the Women's March
Amana I'm heat we're clear the pop band called the and keep fans. And we EU wrote a song called I run and you that was inspired off of the women's march. Early. As innocent so incredibly inspired by organizers behind me. Max by minister of sorts meek. Carmen Perez and in every one. We've seen. Running around march making things happen and where to direct action think they QB can't we elements aren't this year yes and you for your work. Mining Camelot or where it signing. And we are Martin Sheen out equipment aren't you on each California. And we are marching again this year because we think it's important to stand at for issues that impact when it. And where march non profit health and T. Ha ha cares for. Its. Environmentalists. He. And in the higher asking me and my friend and marching in New York City and back for the representational. And it neglect your girls like me. She did there. Yes and plain don't like. Us but it's he. And salaries for us alone sales. Two years ago. It is in the east regional women's march on Washington DC and that's and I imagine it angers I was terrified that happening around me thanking him announcing new. Selling marks. I was so inspired and that's that I decided. And yeah. I did hang out enemy. And I think so inspired thank acts of bravery. Everyday women never sentenced this year when I returned to watch the evening my fifteen year old daughter I will be marking time. You're thinking. I. Okay. Yeah. Yeah my name is. From Elmhurst Illinois eighties. It's. But it's in 2017. Islands aren't original women's march in DC. And in fact I actually got together with one of my best friends after we first heard about the women's march and easy. And easy chartered. So inspired 96. Senseless killing us and our that the friend that I had to. Friends of the bus lane county Hussein. It has soon. There's a little over a year and you this year. I know this card is canceled and so in its place on the young female activist guy again there any plans. Are excited young isn't running traveling. And it is completely going to be. Charred by young man. They're going to be young women need and he still. Are concerned about the latest heroes. Being a model and inspiration. Like I get.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"People from across the country share why they are choosing to be part of the third annual Women's March. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60474189","title":"Your voice: Why we join the Women's March ","url":"/US/video/voice-join-womens-march-60474189"}