West Virginia community garden helps addicts in recovery

"It's really wonderful," said Mark Cafego.
1:02 | 02/25/19

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Transcript for West Virginia community garden helps addicts in recovery
Bad lives bad I mean really really bad. From our romance. They don't hire one. Does actor. More loan this. At the same place that a lot of people after years. Substance use the garden is one tool that helps him. Koreatown and it it was unbelievable how much she took ownership of the guards. He wanted denying. Awards at the local county fair with the vegetable that he put all that loving caring. Morning help again today an irishman. Talk friendship past article on there the focus of the program. This is. Company have been recovered. Burleson. Lives. Is that he's in mind Huntley and now. Steve give Atlanta. River waters.

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{"duration":"1:02","description":"\"It's really wonderful,\" said Mark Cafego. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61152191","title":"West Virginia community garden helps addicts in recovery","url":"/US/video/west-virginia-community-garden-helps-addicts-recovery-61152191"}