What’s next for Britney Spears after bombshell conservatorship hearing

The pop star says she wants to end the conservatorship without a psyche evaluation, but some obstacles remain.
9:45 | 06/24/21

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Transcript for What’s next for Britney Spears after bombshell conservatorship hearing
Welcome back Britney Spears has broken her silence addressing the court for the first time yesterday calling for an ends to her conservative ship. Britney unleashed calling the conservative ship abusive and telling the judge I want my life back giving heart tying is in LA with more. Britney Spears standing up for herself in an explosive court hearing Wednesday. Passionately telling a court she's been exploited in barest and demoralized by the people behind conservative ship. That's controlled her life and finances for the last thirteen years. Asking they be terminate it. The 39 year old pleading with the judge saying I just want my life back. Spears addressing the court for more than twenty minutes calling the court ordered conservative ship which is controlled in part by or father Jamie spears abusive. The mega star saying she was accused of not participating in rehearsals for Vegas show after disagreeing how to dance me. And accused of not taking medicine she maintained she been regularly taking for years. She says that three days after she said she no longer wanted to do the Vegas residency she was taken off for normal medication and put on lithium. Powerful psychiatric drug against her will and later sinner we to a rehab program she says when she called her dad about the decision quote. I cried on the phone for an hour and he loved every minute of it. The control he had over someone as powerful as me he loved the control to hurt his own daughter spears who hearing her experiences to sex trafficking. Making anyone work against their will taking all their possessions away credit card cash phone passport. And placing them in a home where they work with the people who live with them. She says she's not allowed to write a car driven by or boyfriend. Or make her own decisions about birth control marriage or having more children. Since you're stopped performing two and a half years ago instead Graham has been looming we can't have gotten glimpses of her life. I just let you guys that I am fine I'm happy and everything in my life. But spears says those posts online work her true Felix I lied and told the whole world and cocaine and happy. I've been in denial being shocked and traumatized but now I'm telling you the truth OK I'm not happy he sleep until angry it's in seen. Jamie spears attorneys have said that the pop star could've asked for the conservative or shipped to be dropped for years but she says she didn't know that was an option. In addition to any nick and servers shipped spears told the court she wants to be able to choose her own attorney. And F sessions with a therapist in the privacy of her own home instead of an office where paparazzi a photograph here. She could be heard pounding her fix it she told the judge all she hears from her teen is no no note saying she feels ganged up on bully left out in the lone. I'm tired of feeling alone and deserve to have the same rights as anyone but her most loyal fans including members of the free Britney movement who gathered outside the court. Wanted to know she's not alone. An important source core earnings and work I'm in shock and an on time incredibly proud of Britney. Just the bravery that it but I'll look a little. Diane this was the most shocking performance. Of Britney Spears life we were right outside the court. Listening to this virtual hearing. We couldn't see Britney she only needed to calling in to make this plea to a judge and her conserve her ship in the judge forbid. And recording of the proceedings for is to share with you but after Britain dropped bombshell after bombshell. The judge thanked her first statement said she knows it took a lot of courage for her to come forward and an after Britney described the death server father's control over her life. We heard from him through his attorney who said he is sorry to seize daughter suffering so much pain mr. spears loves his daughter. This is her very much. Diane right giving heart tongue in Los Angeles Caylee thanks. And let's go to family law attorney and former psychologist David Glass for more on this. David thanks for being here when you hear it this testimony Britney did not. Hold back she called the conserve or ship abusive. She said some involved should be in jail. But she also offered specific deet tails like that she was forced to tour that she was reprimanded for objecting to a dance move that she was. Forced to have an IUD to prevent her from getting pregnant even though she wants another child. What are some of the more important points you heard. From that testimony from a legal stamped by. Yeah from a legal standpoint of the interesting thing here is that all of the things that Britney is complaining about. That someone is controlling her money that someone is deciding what therapists she needs to see that the therapist is is deciding what kind of medication she needs to take these are all regular decisions that are made for people who were under conservative ships. Around this this happens every day in conservative ships across the country what's different here is that most times conservative ships of them are elderly people. Who have dementia are alzheimer's and can't speak up or can't complain about what's being done to them but again most things that Britney complained about while troubling. While in some sense a shocking or the typical decisions that are made for people who can't make decisions for themselves. So what is the court go about now trying to evaluate how reliable this information is. Coming from Britney as compelling as it is given that she has been deemed. Unable to care for herself and make her own decisions hasn't court go about deciding. Is are we now hearing from someone who is confident. So the court is gonna have to take a great degree of evidence from multiple sources to try to determine whether Brittany has regained her capacity the court set at the very end of the hearing that people need to file pleadings so that the court has all of the information before but in general what Britney and her legal team are gonna need to do is she's gonna need doctors and therapists and a psychiatrist. Had testified that. While once she may have suffered from a mental illness and at one point she had a difficulty caring for herself for managing her money that at this point as she's able to do those things she's gonna need to undergo psychological testing to show. That's she has the logical abilities the cognitive abilities that she has control over her emotions. All the things that a company and adult has so that they can make these decisions for themselves. But we didn't hear Britney keep saying that she wanted to end the conservatives conservative ship and she kept stressing she wants that to happen with Al. A psych evaluation. Why is that so crucial here and how likely is that to happen. I unfortunate I think it's unlikely that she's gonna get rid of this conservative ship without some sort of psychological and arrow psychological evaluation. Again when the court put. What this conservatives should have been placed it had the testimony of multiple doctors. As to what mentally only she was then suffering from and what affects that mental illness was happening on her health. I'm in the in order to get out of that in order to get back to capacity she's gonna need medical evidence that all of those symptoms and all of those signs. Are no longer present. As she also said this entire time she didn't note that she could petition to end the conservative ship. How could that be is that of failure on her lawyers Carter did that sound normal to you. If true that would be a failure on her attorneys' part it doesn't sound like reality in the her attorney Samuel Ingram is a highly respected probate attorney here in Los Angeles county he was appointed by the court because of his prowess in probate and conserve critter ships and so as long as he's been on this case I'm sure he's been telling Brittany I'm here are represented knew what every you want you need to tell me and I will bring that information to the court. And any big part of his job is advising her. How she could terminate this what she needed to do what kind of evidence she would need to amass. And then working with third health. And mr. Ingram said in specific during this hearing. And before today ms. spears has never asked me to terminate this conservative ship. And she is now asking to be able to hand pick. Her own attorney because Sam Ingram was assigned to heard through the conservative ship so is the judge likely to grant that request. Just is that gonna have to consider again a lot of evidence. Ordinarily someone who was under conservative ship because they can't make decisions for themselves because they don't have the cotton and abilities where the memory abilities or because there are motions are getting in the way the court typically appoints an attorney who represented them so at this point. The court is caught in the bind it the court right now believes that. Miss spears lacks the capacity to make these decisions for herself. So that the court can't very quickly make a decision but she is Kate capable of choosing her own attorney. So the court instructed mr. Bingham who worked with Britney sued developing petition and insists bands seek permission of the court to change council. And so where does that case stand now David and what happened next. What will happen next is that. The Britney and her attorney I. The third thing that needs to be filed is that Jody Montgomery her. Can severed her for a person has said she will be filing a treatment plan or care plan. Describe to the court what kind of treatment and medication and therapy she needs so that the court can rule on it. Again the court said. Four can make any sort of decision. In a glass we appreciate your analysis David thank you.

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{"duration":"9:45","description":"The pop star says she wants to end the conservatorship without a psyche evaluation, but some obstacles remain.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78468050","title":"What’s next for Britney Spears after bombshell conservatorship hearing","url":"/US/video/whats-britney-spears-bombshell-conservatorship-hearing-78468050"}