Wildfires continue in Colorado, cooler temperatures in East

Snow showers are projected to continue in the northern Rockies and continue through Monday.
2:58 | 10/18/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wildfires continue in Colorado, cooler temperatures in East
Good morning to you even though it's chilly here in the northeast the weather headlines continue to be in the west in California rightfully so is gone. So much attention with a while fog burning there but Colorado is on fire our fire is well with records being set across the Rocky Mount stayed this. As new fires break out there. And in you talk. Overnight multiple wildfires scorching thousands of acres in northern Colorado. Prompting mandatory evacuations and they cal would fire ripping through Boulder County engulfing over 7000 acres. The flames of lighting up the hills at night. Residents capturing on camera the plume of smoke filling the sky visible nearly fifty miles away from Denver. Multiple homes like this one already destroyed. Firefighters attacking the flames from the air even shutting down roads and urging residents to avoid unnecessary travel in the area. We've had this several other smaller wildfires that have popped up over the last week or two that thankfully were able to get out quick but this when we weren't. Were able to it it just exploded. This comes as the largest wildfire in Colorado's history the Cameron peak fire rages on scorching over 170000. Acres the fire burning since August. Only 62% contained. The fire is going to distraction and it's going to be continuing to go that direction unless they get that major when chest. And not a whole lot of precipitation sale least west. Of the continental divide here's a look at the of the fighting their fires that are burning now in Colorado on those two that is broke out mute talk those have done some damage as well as far as burning structures are burning homes. And evacuations in place for number of these fires has conducted two year Burke and of course the air quality is dat who downwind of the this area so. Steamboat for Collins boulder Denver those think it's sick paint areas that's where it's on healthy in through eastern Colorado and some of that streams all the way into say Lincoln and Omaha. A Nebraska. All right we're looking at the cold air across northeast as well getting all the way to out of Carolina Asheville on our frost advisory so some frost on the pumpkins here in DC New York in inland areas Sara clay twenty degrees and snow reported up across northern New England little sliver of some mild air there in the midwest but I think that says. That's fleeting hope for some people you might get a tests 59 degrees today in Chicago but quickly down into the forties for high temperatures. On now Monday and Tuesday that's tech what's happening national weather wise time now. For look at your local forecast.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Snow showers are projected to continue in the northern Rockies and continue through Monday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73680939","title":"Wildfires continue in Colorado, cooler temperatures in East","url":"/US/video/wildfires-continue-colorado-cooler-temperatures-east-73680939"}