Wilson Chandler Reels in a 350-Pound Grouper

The Nuggets Forward made the catch while filming an episode for a YouTube fishing channel
3:03 | 08/22/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wilson Chandler Reels in a 350-Pound Grouper
Time now for the mixing restart when an NBA player who's. Getting a lot of kudos this morning Daryn amazing cat she really not typical in the MBA yeah the second ads usually not. I kept thinking this is Molson Shannon is of lower for the nuggets and if you're wondering what he does this offseason apparently fishing and on the list fully. And it got this got its a 350. Pound grouper. And this is part of it why are making on black tip ages YouTube channel center saying. And how that's. That. It's pretty impressive that I guess. He had the offseason not van. He had really been playing Lester said he had time to good out there and get something you've just as you can play ball left you're Erica fishing. I look at had dinner campers. Wilson Chandler right. All right let's move on out celebrity couple that of course were familiar with because they were on Dancing With The Stars are talking about Al except in a Vega and Carlos her husband. Of course they were popular on the show what they're currently on a baby moon on a crew result. And they decided to do some things that most parents don't necessarily do yet they reveal the sex of their child but. They're letting you know their child's. Named as well so on it's a gram over the weekend they said Newsradio learn the name and sex of this baby so the name. You're ready for it. Freddie. Ocean king. Ocean Booker came. Having a bit of a gift for bear some heads in the defense minister here. But at a boys and I'm not critical it's a bullet is a big boy ocean ocean came kind of elected. All right for maybe if the pets we don't let them on her way that's around the amount. New way can you consecutive headed Wyatt there. This is a video chats help pet jets it's a two way audio and video communication device. They're good chat ordered all the other way they can see you come up on the screen David Goudie you can even click a button. To give them a treat. That's gonna Cooley think that would work for frank director and don't think Canada proudly katic eat the computer probably that. All right well we go from our lovable pets to an unusual one credit jam session for Redd had to leave. Peppers. Guitars plea. Bass guitars week that doesn't look likely now it is that but that's Koko the gorilla foods jamming out please bash our. Guitar there. So you post on the scientists. The Internet over the weekend. Several images from the occasion and protect the July. Cocoa that if lovely guitar but we claims it like changing interaction with cocoa. She gonna join him on trying to figure that person right next who's just like drills and a half FF affair and help us carry out.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"The Nuggets Forward made the catch while filming an episode for a YouTube fishing channel","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"41565835","title":"Wilson Chandler Reels in a 350-Pound Grouper","url":"/US/video/wilson-chandler-reels-350-pound-grouper-41565835"}