Winds continue to whip Panama City, Florida

ABC News' Liz Hur reports amid strong winds on the Gulf Coast.
2:59 | 10/10/18

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Transcript for Winds continue to whip Panama City, Florida
I have heard came may have moved on but you know you would know officials at an all along this storm is massive and in fact we are still taking a beating from the wind which is quite ferocious looking at bat of the ways you can see that the damage that we are being built but we're right next to a gap beach and and this sign has already blown off. And that cost us treat all IC is just outline of street that its snapped in half. And there there's just debris that have been flown in through an all out off the street. Now I'm gonna step back into the camera here just to give you an idea of what we are dealing with. Normally would be ABC news life if you like walking on national Intel cut that hit but I'm have already given my photographer a heads up computer you can now. Pay out to show. Everyone what we are working. Up against we used everything Ambac available a tooth. C and Baghdad not only that camera light that we haven't produced here who actually holding elected down Angel appeared hit and that his. Literally that I am tethered to buy hard wire to make sure that this life can happen on this because where we are the power has. Lost power about 34 hours I have lost track at this point but when. Hurricane Michael neatly ample I was in my hotel room here and the light with flickering on and off and then just as soon as. That kind when I believe the hurricane made apple the light went out. The building start to she and all of a sudden the first floor I just started to like here this will tell it remained open just for media members media members. Who were staying on the first floor they actually had to pack up their belongings. And now they are operating out of a lobby here I actually cannot move I'm gonna have Peter what I noticed while I'm standing here one more thing to show you. Your right across this street I thought it billboard. That I. She been a very close eye on because. This just how very windy it is that billboard part of that I he has blown off and unfortunately that's what we have to keep an eye out for because. Not only are street signs being knocked over but billboards like that. Unfortunately it looks like parts of it have they just cannot withstand the power of the wind that we're dealing with here feel as far as the situation here is concerned. If there's any good news we're not dealing with no rain anymore but the wings it is. Light up powerful and I I want to see the last. Check. At the couple before caught that we are told even though once again. That rocked the center of the storm has moved on and now moving inland the wind here with still clocking in at eighty miles per hour though it is incredible. That's exactly what we're dealing with and hopefully. Everyone is being seen where we are that's what officials are telling everyone it I think to venture out here shelter in place and Stacy Stacy.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"ABC News' Liz Hur reports amid strong winds on the Gulf Coast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58421169","title":"Winds continue to whip Panama City, Florida","url":"/US/video/winds-continue-whip-panama-city-florida-58421169"}