Winter Storm Moves Across Great Lakes and Northeast

The latest on another round of winter weather that came with "thundersnow."
3:00 | 02/18/14

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Transcript for Winter Storm Moves Across Great Lakes and Northeast
This is a special group. A place you wouldn't want to get stuck with all this now imagine train crashed into this corridor rail -- -- in an Illinois. After the car got stuck in between the tracks and could not get out. The driver of the car miraculously unharmed and he walked away from the scene of the accident. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York with this ABC news digital special report. The snow ever dangerous and never ending as another winter storm moved across the Great Lakes and the northeast. ABC's Devin Dwyer has more on the winter weather that has made -- also wearied. And he joins us now with the latest -- They Michelle -- area indeed discuss finally stopped here in New York's Central Park but what a chart -- this winner has been -- -- this -- the highest on record in so many places. But finally. Sun -- team is on the way. It's another round of winter's fury this one punctuated by -- Batting mix of snow and ice that we shouldn't horrible thing -- overnight now bearing down on twelve states in the northeast. For two to eight inches jackpot for snow lovers millions of Americans it's more misery -- Brokerage priesthood. -- -- people -- treacherous travel from Detroit to Philly in up to New York City -- spread. And keep up with the storm's. Full soldiers and drugs from those mountain. We're gonna -- -- at the shoulders are pushed -- we want to make sure that now the catch basins declared. He's obviously we've got rain coming possibly on Thursdays. It's -- important that we have a place for the -- victory. Homeowners are dealing with drainage problems to from melting snow one -- that creates destructive ice dancing daughters. It actually -- underneath the shingles through the tar paper and into people's homes for the winter reread all this mess is taking -- Hold on the site. We don't see the sun we don't get out and move our -- very much we are depleted in terms of vitamin -- that too can drive. Not just winter -- but seasonal depression in people the best advice talk about your winter woes with a friend get as much sunlight as possible. An exercise. And a heat wave over the next few days will certainly help the psyche to it will also mean. Some major melting of snow mounds like these and that will be. A welcome sight to -- Well -- you look outside you're on a mound and you -- mounds of snow just about everywhere. Where we've been talking about the snowstorms hitting it's just keeps piling up -- dollar storms can you put this at this season and the contacts with how it stacks up with past winters. Gosh we took a look back at some of the records. The past few years Michelle in Indianapolis places like Indianapolis the snow this winter ever on record. Chicago Detroit Philly this ranks in their top five snow falls. And even here in Central Park they are 300%. Above average for snow more than fifty inches so far this year you can see it right here. That's over a foot more than an Anchorage Alaska so quite a bit of snow here in these parts that were not always used you and sad to say it but more is on the way Michelle. ABC's Devin Dwyer saying Q in New York for that and for more on this winter weather that has made -- also wearied. Every and AccuWeather is just and covic Justin. Oh -- -- warm up. Not -- -- Michelle -- that's the unfortunate news now we're dealing with snow I at this hour throughout much of New England again improvement around New York City that's good news right now and temperatures are starting to warm up -- -- what around Boston Hartford. Providence Narragansett -- indicate that it snowed right now that beat the band visibility is down to around a quarter mile stealing it one. To two inches per hour -- inlet away from the Carlos still -- twenties so everything that it's -- is sticking to road surfaces the bridges and the overpasses. So -- -- up with several inches of snow here before all was said and done it again you can ignore all this back to Pennsylvania western New York State this is already been realized and has already occurred but. We'll draw a -- -- three inches here a south of Boston back into southern portions of Connecticut and north and west of Boston I think some serious later on the separated to the -- C 68. May be even ten inches. Of a heavy sloppy wet snow which could definitely creates some more travel -- big time delays already being found from Newark and JFK and LaGuardia. Right into Boston's Logan and I hate to be the pair of bad news. Because this is not a break we'll see another storm system. Tomorrow to a quick turnaround. The only good news with a system as it's warmer so we're looking at mostly rain along the I 95 cities but you jump a little further -- -- it. It turns over to sleet freezing rain and heavy -- of snow this go round up -- upstate New York Vermont New Hampshire it into the state of Maine. And I also did not -- about the northwest Michelle tell you what it's no walk in the park -- either that -- heavy rain. Heavy snow I think we will see blizzard conditions over the northern plains later on this week and a major severe weather outbreak company by the war. Into the Ohio valley in the Tennessee valley so we've got a long ways to go unfortunately. -- just -- there's really hasn't been a region that hasn't been hit hard this winter and we -- -- about some of those numbers the higher percentages of snow. In mid February here and march gets its fair share of winter storms -- should we be expecting this trend to continue. And it looks like there's no weapons sites very very stormy pattern now and like you said I should know march cannot have -- some big storms is whether still a lot of -- to work with -- Canada. So what looks like all signs pointing to a -- 234 weeks to come before -- spring is finally realized. IQ weather's just -- -- -- thank you I think. For joining us and giving them some good and bad news mixed. And of course you can get a complete recap right here on Stay with us for your latest headlines for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. Has been an ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":22568687,"title":"Winter Storm Moves Across Great Lakes and Northeast","duration":"3:00","description":"The latest on another round of winter weather that came with \"thundersnow.\"","url":"/US/video/winter-storm-snow-storm-hits-great-lakes-northeast-22568687","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}