Wintry weather causes commuting nightmare

Nearly 1,200 flights were canceled in the Midwest due to snow as some areas could expect up to a foot of snow today. ABC News' Kendis Gibson reports.
2:21 | 11/26/18

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Transcript for Wintry weather causes commuting nightmare
We begin with the blizzard like conditions. Making a mess of the morning commute this storm stretching from Kansas to Michigan as forced millions of Americans to change their post holiday travel plans. Snow has been falling at a rate of two inches per hour in some areas and check out this new video for my. Iowa and it shows the heavy snow falling as scientists launched a weather balloon. I hung that snow wasn't the only problem for travelers trying to get home after the holiday. What would overnight blizzard like conditions slamming the midwest. Fifty mile an hour winds and heavy snow causing white out conditions on this highway in Kansas and this founders know I'm Cameron Illinois and at Chicago's O'Hare airport nearly 800 flight cancellations. Hundreds of additional delay. That's the frustrating thing is really because you cannot actually do anything about it you're just talking here everybody's in the same boat you're really just keep. Cannot do anything about it. On the East Coast last night it wasn't the snow causing headaches drivers were stuck for hours on the Delaware memorial bridge connecting Delaware and New Jersey. Officials closing the bridge after a gas leak at a nearby chemical company this map showing the widespread traffic jam in red. I play for us to shut down traffic in all directions. And it's it could be very serious for people heading to Boston from New York City a different kind of travel nightmare. It was incredibly hot on the trains over only sweating. A packed train stranded on the tracks for hours outside New York's Penn Station and train rural. Please step aside for five hours. Later. Prepares for its return. Amtrak blames debris on the overhead wire for the delay what was supposed to be a four hour ride turned into nearly eleven hour ordeal. Without working toilets open. An awful threat a frustrating end to a joyful holiday weekend but despite the delays some still found reasons to be thankful. It definitely. Made me get more from more schoolwork done on the train. And I can say they fable the toilets didn't overflow liquor thought they would. It's the little else. Back in the mid less some areas of Missouri and Illinois could get up to a foot of snow and later today. Heavy rain content slow that evening commute from Philly to Boston.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Nearly 1,200 flights were canceled in the Midwest due to snow as some areas could expect up to a foot of snow today. ABC News' Kendis Gibson reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59413874","title":"Wintry weather causes commuting nightmare","url":"/US/video/wintry-weather-commuting-nightmare-59413874"}