Witness Describes Moments After NJ Train Crash

A woman riding in the front car of the New Jersey Transit commuter train that crashed Thursday morning described the haunting moments before and after the crash.
2:39 | 09/29/16

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Transcript for Witness Describes Moments After NJ Train Crash
I want you to hear from the silly Jamie she was in the front car the change she's describing her story right now to the rest the media and a junk and Barack quarter. We're panicky because I believe those people afraid we're bevy badly injured so did starting yelling just as they saw the blood. But it was super pac this is a sort of train. But is new standard for a couple weeks now witnessed in shortage is still to do more people in the cars. Bowden left for the most part it was it was a typical commute. This morning commute that you take every death. And you're OK. Jamie can you tell us you what it was like in that first car we were chatting before. You said it was very crowded commutes described to us. What it was like when you came into the station there was no screeching you said Adam I don't remember Andy screeching. Again there could've been but in that moment when you're trying to help injure people or like when we felt the train. So and me ward sliding into the station. Whoever in this is that we just wanted to make sure that everyone that we could help was standing on their feet or that he get them out of harm's way as I said the first car the second car kind of like. Did. Jumped and jumped a little bit on to this until the first like Willie was standing silicon only crush that little center with people word. Where it would be normally standing om and threw them and so we everywhere. You said you were able to stand up because you held on chewed up also the train in between. I was in between out of it was in a and they were people if enemies that couldn't kind of like. Fall down to the ground I just toppled over on them. How do people get out of the train you were telling me before the first few seats and I don't know how we got out we don't conduct that was it wanted to ask one of the gentlemen to lift the latch and we were able to open the door Normandy. And get out what about those first few seats I'm not so those people part who were rescued by the police officer those that the people without incident that trained very bad it was a good site as have to look at. I just anxious us Jamie thank Kansas really like shaking up Aaron yeah yeah and again that was Jamie. She was in the right car of this train. She's okay. She's not injured but she was telling me before that. There were people that had should be carried out the windows. That there were a lot of injuries a lot of blood. Is she she is okay one thing she spoke about was how. Perfect strangers on that train people who didn't know each other once. The impact happened and they helped each other they helped each other get off the train she said when she walked in to determine out. It was she couldn't believe what you're missing in terms of the damage out again Jamie on the front car that change she is okay I learned that it toss it back to you.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"A woman riding in the front car of the New Jersey Transit commuter train that crashed Thursday morning described the haunting moments before and after the crash.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"42447524","title":"Witness Describes Moments After NJ Train Crash","url":"/US/video/witness-describes-moments-nj-train-crash-42447524"}