Witness says Florida bridge collapse felt like an 'earthquake'

Tiona Page says she saw a cloud of dust following the collapse at FIU and heard screams coming from the trapped cars.
2:21 | 03/15/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Witness says Florida bridge collapse felt like an 'earthquake'
Or bring in town a page right now another eyewitness on the scene antenna thank you. For joining us and you actually saw the bridge go down. Yes I limb that one nine om and it felt that there with the earthquakes so me and my roommate jumped up and looked outside. And as soon as I looked outside I thought done. Flying everywhere and I knew that the bridge collapse if there was one car that was able to get I guess they had just meant. On the bridge and the back into the car was smashed in the school lean that we're coming from the car it was terrifying liked what every good every line started. Sprinting toward the scene and they just looked scary to the happy. So that yes it had this happen in a matter of seconds. I'm not a judge. And then were you able to see we are now seeing in that the the rescue workers on top of the bridge right now we're you able to see if there was anyone actually on the bridge were all that. Those all the danger underneath the bridge is a collapsed. No it there would workers on the bridge their bill actually trying to dig people out from under the bridge I Lott then it'll all. Arab. Perhaps with someone out there I like people to people have. These are performed on them and their their bill of at a fund I think like three cars that are completely smashed under the bridge that they haven't been able to get. You saw three cars they weren't able to get to do you have any. Sense from what you were able to see if how many injured there might be. Com. I know that forced bears bears have it be at least three people dead. Only because that's coming apart under there and there's no it was able to survive but. I don't know about that authorities an ally like helicopters be Monad I think there at the few people blown out so I don't know. And use it felt like an earthquake. Me. Then how close are you to the bridge. Problems. Am on the fifteenth floor I live on the fifteenth floor of this. Apartment complex code that other incidents pretty far up but I'm basically rail bed and infection. And you hadn't any idea what happened are now. Now I can only thank that there might have Ben. And that's calculation of some sort a fatal one at that. We'll have a thank you for thank you for quickly calling in us and sharing your story appreciate. The information really give us.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Tiona Page says she saw a cloud of dust following the collapse at FIU and heard screams coming from the trapped cars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"53776598","title":"Witness says Florida bridge collapse felt like an 'earthquake'","url":"/US/video/witness-florida-bridge-collapse-felt-earthquake-53776598"}