Woman Behind 'Finger In Wendy's Chili' Hoax Back in Court

Anna Ayala on trial for filing a false police report, covered up son's crime.
1:44 | 02/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Behind 'Finger In Wendy's Chili' Hoax Back in Court
47 year old and I -- it doesn't like the camera anymore she backed up and covered her face with her long hair after seeing cameras in the courtroom. This is the same person who in 2005 went on national TV to tell how she found a finger in a -- -- -- at this Wendy's in San Jose. Later returned out she had -- -- the finger herself she went to prison for four years now she's in court facing similar charges. Filing a false police report and figuring someone else after it appears her 26 year old son shot himself in the ankle. Anytime you're trying to pin on -- and live a warm body I was actually walking around that's that's a pretty. Both -- filing a false police report is a -- -- but she's also facing felony charges. Being an accomplice for covering up for her son a convicted felon in possession of a gun the -- -- -- came into court on. Crutches -- IL a faces a maximum of four years when. And mr. -- faces four years eight months as the maximum news San Jose police say yeah -- Andreas wasting detectives time as they conducted an investigation. Only to hear the sun -- can't fly yellow stuck by her story. An innocent man was accused of shooting Reyes. They gave pretty specific information to the point to where we actually thought we had assessment we -- -- this person we conducted various. Forensic testing as far as gunshot residue goes and so we treated it like the real deal. Because of her past conviction and concerned she's a flight risk bail was set at 150000. Dollars -- was on parole and will be ineligible for bail. Outside the courthouse a yellow sisters said they can't raise the bail money but as a family they will stand by her all I know that she's -- -- personal -- -- my sister and that I love her enough support it to the end of the.

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{"id":18574625,"title":"Woman Behind 'Finger In Wendy's Chili' Hoax Back in Court","duration":"1:44","description":"Anna Ayala on trial for filing a false police report, covered up son's crime. ","url":"/US/video/woman-finger-wendys-chili-hoax-back-court-18574625","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}