Woman in video allegedly part of kidnapping plot

The woman and 2 men are charged with attacking and abducting actors Daisy McCarkin and Joseph Capone for ransom.
2:48 | 07/07/18

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Transcript for Woman in video allegedly part of kidnapping plot
Everybody and can whitworth I'm in Los Angeles where we have been following this bizarre to say the very least story about. Two actors that were allegedly kidnapped for ransom. Well so far the actors at the senator of this how the relatively quiet since these bombshell claims made headlines across the country earlier this week that now. One of men is breaking her silence as this quite literally made for Hollywood plot. Is taking yet another turn because the lawyer for one of the alleged kidnappers. Is claiming that. This arrests video on the streets of LA went viral authorities alleging the woman at the center of it amber Neil was actually part of a violent kidnapping plot charging her and two other men with attacking and abducting Hollywood actors DC McCracken and Joseph component for ransom. New claims that McCracken who is starred in films like 3000 miles to Graceland. I can call Coxe now. And Halloween resurrection. I think Michael Myers had. Fits of rage that he could not. Trough may have actually known one of her abductors in a statement the attorney for defendant Keith Stuart telling ABC news the crack in it was engaged in an intimate relationship with the third suspect. John. LE PD in one post also riding I'm fine I promised her half brother are speaking out about her ordeal. You don't really know what's going to happen in that situation and I think that's kind of what was littlest terrifying about it she got put in the face of her own mortality. According to the newly unsealed grand jury indictment the suspects allegedly went to McCracken home in south LA in May 2017. Pistol whipped Capone. Kidnapped him and McCracken with black hoods over their heads beating Capone and holding him in the bathtub without food. For thirty hours police say the suspects demanded a 101000. Dollar ransom for compounds released. Forcing McCracken to write a check the woman in that video amber Neil allegedly depositing its police say the suspects then drove McCracken back to her home. She escaped and called police. She's a fight a she is a very strong person she's gonna take this experience for shares and she's going to find a way. Two you'll make it into something amusing. We have reached out to reps for Capone as well as other family members of McCracken and haven't heard back he suspected kidnappers will have a pretrial hearing. At the end of the month. I'm can whitworth and you're watching ABC news.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"The woman and 2 men are charged with attacking and abducting actors Daisy McCarkin and Joseph Capone for ransom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"56415231","title":"Woman in video allegedly part of kidnapping plot","url":"/US/video/woman-viral-video-allegedly-part-hollywood-kidnapping-plot-56415231"}