New York could set trend with ranked-choice voting in mayoral election

New Yorkers are voting in the city’s Democratic primary today in a contest that will likely decide the next mayor.
3:50 | 06/22/21

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Transcript for New York could set trend with ranked-choice voting in mayoral election
New Yorkers are heading to the polls to vote in the democratic primaries today Anaconda are likely decide who will be the city's next mayor. Eight major candidates are each trying to break out of this crowded field. And he is implementing something interesting here ranked choice voting this is happening for the first time where boaters. Can actually rank their candidates in their order of preference. ABC news deputy political director Aybar harper joins us now with more on this. Avery how is new voting system work. We'll bring congressman today you know folks are going to be able to break their choices from one to five I think in this mayoral primary instead of choosing just won a like they have in years past is that big test for ranked choice voting here in New York City and it you know house when a work in terms of counting is gonna come into play if there isn't a candidate who gets 50% or more than 50% of that vote and with somebody candidates at that's highly likely and so we're going to see is New York City tabulate those votes and they are going to eliminate the last place finisher in each round and then redistribute those. Votes to other candidates in the lower choices for those voters and so. That counting continues until we have a winner until somebody has more than 50% of the vote. So today's testing this kind of ranked choice voting implemented in more elections are on the country. While New York City is the first place to implement a ranked choice voting their cities like Minneapolis San Francisco all lending California. You know states like Maine already utilize ranked choice voting and there are cities that are you know implementing it as we speak we know that in Austin Texas City. Are they voted for are in support of Rancho is and so we're gonna see it implemented in more cities around the country and what at the national level can we see this in. Primaries for presidency for example. Well very hasn't been much talk of that just yet but you mean you're more likely to see it in cities and in states. And it wasn't pros and cons to doing. To voting this way. So advocates would point to you a few things they would say that it encourages candidates to reach out slim plurality. Voters rather than sticking to who they might think is your base and they also would say that cut it encourages you can't it is a refrain from negative campaigning but if you are looking closely watching closely at the New York mayoral primaries and see it's gotten kind of nasty especially in the in the last few weeks and so. New York has bucked that. That theory also it would eliminate the cost of a runoff you know. Be it in a heads the primary like this one where there's so many candidates. Even we would likely have a runoff and and those elections can be costly so it's cutting costs clear opponents would say that wasn't any time that she changed the way that folks vote. That voting is habitual you might lose some votes some folks might not come out tomorrow. Could this. Bowl stir up distrust in elections right now given how precarious situation is where a lot of people are feeling disheartened by the process. Is it the right time to make a change like this. Well officials here in. In in New York City the board of elections here has already said it is going to take a while. For those votes to be tabulated those ranks results tonight we're going to have. Accounts of the first host choice votes tougher in person votes today during Election Day and during the early voting period about nine days of early voting here in New York City. Eight but. You know their mighty folks who you know fear that exact length of time right in terms of tabulating those votes could. You know in packs or or or bolster distrust in that. A lesson but listen we're gonna see the New York City board of elections says they're doing everything they can to make sure that all of their decisions how they're tabulating those votes is transparent. Tonight ABC's deputy political director Avery harper we appreciate Avery thank you.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"New Yorkers are voting in the city’s Democratic primary today in a contest that will likely decide the next mayor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78427593","title":"New York could set trend with ranked-choice voting in mayoral election","url":"/US/video/york-set-trend-ranked-choice-voting-mayoral-election-78427593"}