Justice served for Weinstein victims

Harvey Weinstein has been given 23 years in prison as victims of his sexual assault share their side of the story.
6:27 | 03/12/20

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Transcript for Justice served for Weinstein victims
And switching gears now disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was sentenced today to 23 years in prison for criminal sex assault and third degree rape Weinstein. Did not take a stand during his landmark seven week trial but today he finally broke his silence he told the court did. His case started that me to move in and that he and other men are quote. Confused by this issue he even compared this moment in the red scare of the 1950s. His six accusers sat in New York court today. They were not buying it nor was the judge more than eighty accusers have come forward against the former Hollywood powerhouse. He faces separate criminal charges is life in Los Angeles but tonight lets your from some of his accusers our colleagues at Nightline give us a sneak peek. At their upcoming documentary. My name is Florence have on my name is Caitlin Delaney my name is Tara wall my name is Katherine Kendall my name is Larissa gowns my name is from a planet with status. And backs and 2015. I was sexually assaulted by Harvey wasting. We was finally arrested. I midnight Russa talked. Programs for all of his victims. When I saw handcuffs on him. I completely broke down in tears and I thought this is actually. Getting varying real and he is gonna have consequences. There were five charges against Harvey ones. There were saying criminal sexual assault charge and there were there to greet him countless. 11 degree 13 degree. And most serious. For two counts. Of predatory. Sexual. Charges. Weren't tied June minus. But I didn't know what I was there for. And that's exactly why I got involved in the first phase was to help all one in. Good morning. My testimony. Unfortunate couldn't get out of work that morning which is a little hectic. When the collapse of broadening its hearing any court and tore through a hallway. I remember telling Poland's I can't I just had actually stopped and had to take a breath and he opened the door and on the other side is such a large room with Apollo I guess reporters on one side and I just walks down me CIO with. The defense and Hartley sitting here and I just didn't want to make eye contact because they don't. You know how I was gonna react. With an eye contact and I and went up to. And the witness stand and I tip my oath. Analysts it's all very surreal or even just going over it now you're just there for one thing. And it's answer questions. Not defend yourself. That's how I prepared myself for that. If you're honest we have nothing to lose who. Didn't start was pretty stoic throughout this entire trial it was very hard to tell north sinking move. Will the jury a lot to consider five counts. Two primary accusers. Three prior bad acts witnesses who who and one additional witness. Were related to the specific charge from predatory sexual. It was four days of deliberation during the week and all of us were on pins and needles I mean we have a phone text had that we are on nonstop. Calling each other trying to help each other through their member. Is bracing myself and the fact that there. Very possibly being not guilty verdict and you know living with that kind of disappointment already sort of getting ready for that. He walked we're. I have to explain. Why this need to movement. It was a fail here. That was our biggest biggest fear when the verdict came out I was at home Tyler Texas needs a verdict and my credit I mean I just manners can find out and pushing away because I don't know that I knew how to react to it original Sutton. My phone starts bringing in someone says the verdicts. Came and I looked down and I just read the words guarantee you. And hi my name was. I mean I just had an M. Seniors are permanent. Current on my face I really dislike overtaking the gasoline. And relief soon. I feel like it's time to celebrate. When so many people have put so much hurricanes making news. And shifting things world M CNET it's being recognized that justice system. News. It's like. From the press fresh air. Rifle justified and felt validated I felt gratitude. For the verdict. But it took on days. What I was feeling. Wow this it. The good aid and never really crazy. Harvey Weinstein. Isn't now I truly do Arenas to. Ends. It feels like this is better than any movie. Her B. I treat. If I could lead to certain people know how much worse. I thought of them how much they inspired me. Stage. And on the path that I chose. The women the silent speakers and the women that came followers. Being with the first trigger and he had inspired me to speak out. And along the way I thank them for having the courage however they found me. Message to be public about this story because it was effective as. Weinstein has denied all the allegations saying any sexual relations were consensual and a breaking development Weinstein has been rush from Rikers Island jail to the hospital for chest pains. This is the second time Weinstein has been hospitalized since the guilty verdict on February 24. Our thanks tonight line for that report be sure to watch their documentary in the coming weeks.

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{"duration":"6:27","description":"Harvey Weinstein has been given 23 years in prison as victims of his sexual assault share their side of the story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/VR_Assets","id":"69548443","title":"Justice served for Weinstein victims","url":"/VR_Assets/video/justice-served-weinstein-victims-69548443"}