2017's wackiest moments on World News Now

Check out these highlights of the show's wackiest moments this year!
5:10 | 12/28/17

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Transcript for 2017's wackiest moments on World News Now
But I'll say the year has certainly gone but for us. Here work. That's because we got to bring you the news every day but we also got to have a lot of crazy along the side. Out of him consulate take a look back at some of the lighter moments in the past year that was for us enjoy your eyes will not be able to unseat Harry. We have breaking news to start things off it is national dance day. You don't have to look like especially rip off our own I think he might have. What are these shows there are perhaps. He didn't. I can't get other equipment. He managed just to come together ideas and Davis are allowed. I'm scuffled. Color inside. What type it. But I rest panic creeping. I'm not get behind. There's got to. This is we'll I have whole thing very much. A there you go. The. I present to you Paul yeah that's about 425. Dollar jeans but aren't ready so rare got a rare stop lending rate and where nobody said about taking the subject is an up part of. Surprise. They have no picnic. If Obama worked out manned and go. When did you guys and you know what John is of course how you're it's you've got to talk to him about his best. Her victory for. The best photo. Blue. World. I'm reading it into my actual kitchen to show you with our first edition of insight and make sure you have alluded. For the next for. Really good meeting you left it was a it was a very nice. Eight you don't. Really think he's gonna kick me out. But there was. Hitting me. Then I knew. And came in West Philadelphia Barton raised on the playground is where I spent most of Monday's. Good when I close my eyes and I. They no longer. Yeah. It's still paying his or. You know another way of this yeah scouts it's spring. Frankly if the math and world news now had correspondent frank the buns his friends to get him out put just so exciting but I think people's. Get out hidden at all need boots on the desk. Do you really healthy and super voting machines and recorded work very hard here not here you're during the next segment hey they afraid of note does. Yeah. Yeah too early previous either so this out thanks relaxing everybody go. We can't sleep which is you know and the motto here on world news. Hell listening tonight have the operation and I can't. She's got a book yeah. It's being here. He didn't move so she. Did creating more fit that I don't care. A year irate big thanks to Geneen. Oh lead to put that together yet our producer on the I had picked. And it let me Jack who has made this place so much fun absolutely Constance who stays back there. Kendrick after they were happening there. What an art in its global chief with the mess while it out now you're not forget it I take it back in acting props the holdings losing more accurate it. Or some more people have tomorrow. Hey Chad. In. Fact this thing yes the sorrow. And it yeah he's the man known that it can't they just like come. Come. Let you know.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"Check out these highlights of the show's wackiest moments this year!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"52025801","title":"2017's wackiest moments on World News Now","url":"/WNN/video/2017s-wackiest-moments-world-news-now-52025801"}