Need Alcohol? There's an App

Minibar will allow New York City users to order wine or alcohol in under an hour.
3:00 | 02/06/14

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Transcript for Need Alcohol? There's an App
That's right time now for the makes. There have been plenty of -- have been second home especially in this terrible weather. If you want -- -- -- line or something like that you're just too lazy to go out and get it OK and -- out there hasn't after that. Like everything out -- -- it's just -- New York City apparently called mini bar and delivery. And I just click so let me out of bed and figure out which kind of blues you want and they bring it right to your door I was -- breaks your -- -- -- before the different delivery system but it wasn't an. Silly actually had to get up to go to the laptop I don't have to do that I just wanna set -- -- perhaps take outlets. -- of -- Marciano national TV admitting that she gets the blues delivered right to her house. But he can't tell how about some people that lose yes that's pretty good right -- go to Iowa Cedar Rapids to be exact. A little contest in -- -- Lindell mall challenged name the best cake decorator for 2014. Check him out the pretty creative by the way. As great as these all look. They're actually styrofoam Debbie cakes are literally just showing how -- he -- these ones unfortunately but the top three finishers earned. 5030200. Dollars respectfully the finals and what's -- in March 25. I would like to be there he was really -- taken. I'm glad I love I think this baby will soon begin marrying a good deal of Kate there's -- baby born in such -- Southern California and the parents are saying. This is the biggest baby. Ever -- the stole money from human point let's -- -- at six. Tina how one point seven pounds. -- -- So I -- even see all the reports and other babies claiming to be the biggest baby born in the state appellate said that they never reported -- -- his birth weight when the baby was born but now they're finally coming clean -- and. 161008. At this guy has all now the baby's five months -- -- but they -- and eating cereals and he was three months old I mean this is like at. Jumbo child former NFL are for sure that I do know that fish -- the big mouth bass I think a lot of people -- is novelty -- hang on the wall and sings good. Roll the video -- is carrying around. The big mouth bass has been around for awhile we'll billing big mouth bass foil the robbery actually at a bait and tackle shop in Rochester. The owner of the shop came the next day found Billy on the floor the door was -- and they -- -- altogether and -- pretty much figured out that emotion of the the the -- -- and in. To setting off set off Phillies big mouth bass really big mouth bass than usual singing take me new river media and the bandits decided to get out of there. -- -- -- -- a little bit but nothing was stolen from the business you know and the more was on the floor was -- -- I. I thought it was in useless items but now we know it also doubles as securities has done exactly. -- -- --

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{"id":22387453,"title":"Need Alcohol? There's an App","duration":"3:00","description":"Minibar will allow New York City users to order wine or alcohol in under an hour.","url":"/WNN/video/alcohol-app-22387453","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}