'American Idol' Monday: The top 14

The Idol contestants sang duets with celebrity singers Lea Michele, Rachel Platten and Cam, which resulted in 14 contestants making it to the next round. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.
4:17 | 04/17/18

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Transcript for 'American Idol' Monday: The top 14
It is kitty cat and it was the final night of the American Idol auditions yes it's Katy Perry says it's almost time for America to. Take the wheel off. But for now will dance is taking the wheel. Stairs and actions and very pragmatic ideals well. I don't kind of dry off written. The roads this episode of idol was amazing we had some super star duets and country singer can soul singer Alan stone in pop powerhouse Rachel Platt and guest really predictable plot moves me can. He usually. And. Can redeem yourself. She Saturday at last night's he came and strong. Really helping out some of those idol hopefuls last night T. Hated needed some help as well waves were not the only thing flying glass and her outfit almost came off at one point. Wow and I'm not complaining armed. Handle it very well though marketers is like sitting around the whole audience is getting a deal. I think figures rather than Felix you have to be embarrassed about it semen look good by. On his and idiot grounded its auto Destiny's Child but it was the most good listeners than idol has ever men on stage manager was on hand think way to fix. The rape with some. I don't think that job. That's a season would you would you vote me out and ran away you that is does not again. Beyoncé reference for you there attendance had at broad and how about this for you up performance on thinking that you might appreciate Diane tickled. So of course defying gravity. From wicked on Broadway. And raped a little pitching that was lea Michelle from glee joining ate a box eight. Did it but everything they could then where is it up and I agree I think they could have. Also gone a little bit greener wakes. There you yeah yeah anything about. Yeah but I don't know maybe make up Siemens. We need to. Is this is how we thank them so yeah I think natural state again. Yeah starting late this day but didn't get back up. So Ada is the real I would that you thirteen Diana's divorce. Lee in the cells other duet partner from last night journey belted one of the is original songs home runs to you and it blew me away. And and easy. Track. Evil that it Amy good but it was. Jersey and data are through to the top fourteen to. Trying to get Americans vote and I'm happy to report that my favor from Sunday Matty poppy will join them at. Which means my curse might be broken and I see. Finally moving along viewing and voting next week Mars hill is joining them he killed his duet with Alan stone. He's there along with marred Justine there Garrett our pal with a questionable dance moves. And rounding out the top fourteen this country guy halo. Who had a pretty good night on top of making it to the top fourteen take a look at this. The. Do you. Yeah yeah. Say that he turns all kinds of red it was amazing but. Next week we finally get to serve those we get. Bulletin we shall come back again because I really like he was sooners. But what we're attitudes were brought back American Idol for fox what was this for Bradley. Hmm I did so say it may be temporary that it might be why not bonus skinny coming up.

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{"id":54522025,"title":"'American Idol' Monday: The top 14 ","duration":"4:17","description":"The Idol contestants sang duets with celebrity singers Lea Michele, Rachel Platten and Cam, which resulted in 14 contestants making it to the next round. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.","url":"/WNN/video/american-idol-monday-top-14-54522025","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}