‘American Idol’ season premiere

The hit show is back! ABC's Will Ganss reports on the new talent and hilarious antics from Katy, Luke and Lionel!
2:36 | 02/15/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘American Idol’ season premiere
Remembered kell Lee. Yeah. That's the kinda talent does is back baby. Me and in the hands. That's gotta be run and and win the Kelly Clarkson are known to Jennifer Hudson corporation's American Idol kicking off its search for the next great jacket. The hundreds macaroni. That's what a deal had. I just thank you have yet to wow the auditions on the season premiere right on the mud people who want. The last meeting its goal and. Italy lists making the judges jaws dropped Benson boon to. Oh yeah. There's no wheels. But it wasn't just the talent that knocked the judges over. And. You know William Hung on addition to crack a copy. She is super but no shortage of drama nonetheless. Paul ignoring the problems. Dad wasn't Hammond diamond with some unhappy parents. Next time won't have broad visions little boys. And some high profile parents and Claudia Conway trying to make a name for herself with her voice and. The. Claudia getting the golden ticket to go to Hollywood but the real star of the big premiere live doesn't make an air lifts. I honestly I think you'd written a Speedo as well Mario proving that the model contestant doesn't have to have the best voice to get the judges off their feet. So Mario did not get the golden ticket to Hollywood but it looks like he's more interest data in sharing some other. Kinds of content online anyway you guys the design of plugin that ABC and who hasn't only fans documentary. Alex yeah. Exactly get a lot of hand I was not. About whether it's fair really kicked out birthday in the north of William Hung mayor Bob Manning. OK yeah. I hot dish and everything but like I feel like there's a conflict of interest because of a Disney employees I feel like seeing the other investors favoritism going on but. It byword audition I would pick something very challenging like I'm real by Jennifer Lopez. Who very aren't here relegate and yeah. Are you ready RU LE a lot one. Thank you well things up not.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"The hit show is back! ABC's Will Ganss reports on the new talent and hilarious antics from Katy, Luke and Lionel!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75902793","title":"‘American Idol’ season premiere","url":"/WNN/video/american-idol-season-premiere-75902793"}